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Baby Middle Name - Discover Why it Should Be Important in Yo ...

(October 19, 2008)  So, you've figured out what the first name of your baby will be, but what about that baby middle name? Unfortunately, Baby middle names are often chosen as an afterthought. You have that great first name, so you don't pay that much attention to the middle name, right? Wrong! The baby middle name is .

Biblical Baby Names - Discover Their Meanings and Choices Fo ...

(October 19, 2008)  When you're looking for biblical baby names, it might help to know you're going to the right place! The Bible is the world's largest resource for baby names. More Bible baby names are written on birth certificates than any other names on the planet. So if you choose biblical baby names for your ..

Celtic Baby Names - Learn About These Beautiful Names and Po ...

(October 19, 2008)  In order to understand Celtic baby names, you must first understand where they come from, and why. The Celtic heritage is a very rich one, and the names are meant to reflect that. If you are of Celtic ancestry, understanding the reasons behind those lovely names is the first step in choosing the ..

Greek Baby Names - Consider One of These 11 Unique Names For ...

(October 19, 2008)  Greek baby names are always very interesting. Why? Not only are they an interesting challenge for most of us to pronounce, they are always symbolic of something. Baby names from the Greek culture have very clear meanings, and often those names are chosen specifically because of the meanings, not ..

Unique Baby Boy Names - Discover Weird, Wacky and Ideal Name ...

(October 19, 2008)  Unique baby boy names are quite chic these days. One that quickly comes to mind is Kingston, the name of the son of singer Gwen Stefani. . . and of course, that of her other child, Zuma Nesta Rock. It doesn't get any more unique than that, does it? Unique baby names might be making front-page ..

Discover Secrets of Finding Unique Baby Girl Names, and Give ...

(September 09, 2008)  When it comes to choosing a name for a new little miss, people often search for unique baby girl names as a source of inspiration for their final name choice. Uncommon baby names can be derived from many sources. One such source of baby girl names is through identification of names from other ..

Delve Into the Motherload! Search the Top 100 Baby Girl Name ...

(September 09, 2008)  Looking at a list of the top 100 baby girl names may be a good way to come up with some ideas and inspiration for helping you to find the perfect name for your baby. Parents-to-be are very careful to look at a variety of names before choosing one for their own little princess. Top 100 lists are a ..

Egads Or Eureka! Overcome the Pitfalls of Choosing Uncommon ...

(September 09, 2008)  Today it is not so unusual to come across uncommon baby names, and it seems that some people put a great deal of effort into making sure that their child's name certainly stands apart from the crowd. Parents in many cultures are now mixing and matching more traditional names with newer, less ..

Victorious Or Trustworthy? In India Baby Names Are Very Special

(September 09, 2008)  There are many wonderful names from which to select that originate in India, baby names that have beauty in spelling and meaning. Names found in the culture are those which often honor people, gods and animals. Many natives of India appreciate blessing their child with a special name that may ..

Choosing Rare Baby Names

(August 20, 2008)  Choosing from a list of rare baby names in order to select the name of your child can be a somewhat tricky business. Most parents choose uncommon baby names because they want their child to have the sense of possessing a truly unique identity. However, if the name chosen is too unusual, that ..


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