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Scented Soy Candles A Journey of Various Moods

(July 27, 2008)  Soy candles, which are made from hydrogenated soybean oil, are fast becoming very popular. Though they are easily available in the market, these days many people are enjoying making them at their homes. Since the procedure for making soy candles is relatively simple, one can make these candles to ..

Enjoy the Art of Making Soy Candles

(June 27, 2008)  Soy is nothing but hydrogenated soybean oil form which candles can be made. These candles are fast becoming very popular in the household, as they are environment friendly. Though soy candles are readily available in the market, they can also be made at home by combining soy wax with various ..

Glass Bathroom Vanities

(March 16, 2007)  A relatively simple way to update your bathroom is to replace your bathroom vanity. One of the hottest trends today is the glass bathroom vanity. With a little careful choice, you should be able to freshen up the look of your bathroom with relatively little trouble, and it’s a great way to ..

Painting Hardwood Floors the Easy Way

(February 25, 2007)  Painting a hardwood floor can cover up any marks if the floor is damaged and make it last longer. It can also end up looking better than a laminated floor or tiled floor. Using a thick, brightly colored paint is a good idea, one that will cover the original grain in the wood. You need to use a lot ..

Comparing Vertical to Horizontal Blinds

(February 21, 2007)  If you’re considering vertical blinds you might be please to know that they aren’t all that different from horizontal blinds. They operate in much the same fashion with the slats hanging vertically rather than horizontally. Vertical blinds are also only supported on one end rather than ..

Advantages of Do It Yourself Hardwood Flooring

(February 19, 2007)  Hardwood flooring is very durable. It looks great and can be repeatedly varnished and stained. It looks good in new or old houses and ages well. Installing hardwood flooring can raise the value of your house by thousands of dollars, even if you only have 100 feet or so of hardwood flooring in your ..

Privacy Window Covering and Customization

(February 19, 2007)  There are many types of privacy window coverings available on the market today but if you cannot find one you like, it is possible to have a customized privacy window covering made. The various types of window covering available include curtains, draperies, window blinds, cellular shades and many ..

Window Covering Design Selection

(February 16, 2007)  Redecorating your home interior requires more than money because it involves knowing what you want to achieve. Same thing goes with designing your window covering. And since window covering brings a lot of weight and overall appearance to your interior, this is probably the single home detailing ..

Things to Consider When Choosing Laminate Flooring

(February 07, 2007)  If you love the look of hardwood floors but often find that the price is somewhat of a deterrent you are one of many. The truth of the matter is that more and more people are looking elsewhere when it comes to flooring options. Traditional hardwood flooring is not only expensive in the beginning ..

Tips on Creating Waterfalls for Your Garden Pond

(February 03, 2007)  Gardening is a hobby that invites people from all walks of life and financial circumstances to participate. Those who enjoy this particular pastime are often quite avid in their love of gardening and their appreciation of the great outdoors. Many people add ponds in order to further enjoy their ..

Tips to Consider When Laying Hardwood Floors

(February 02, 2007)  The laying of hardwood floors is not the terribly complicated of a process. In reality it only requires a good eye, good judgment, and a great sense of balance in addition to rudimentary carpentry skills and a couple of specialized tools such as miter saws, jamb saws, and floor nailers. All the ..

Helpful Tips on Cleaning Window Blinds

(January 30, 2007)  While we all want to keep our window blinds clean and well maintained it might not always be the most enjoyable task on our ‘to do’ lists. In all honesty, most people never bother cleaning their window blinds until it reaches the point of being overtaken by dust leaving no choice but to ..

How to Prevent Hardwood Floor Sanding Marks

(January 24, 2007)  When using a floor sander, perhaps the greatest danger is that you will leave the imprint or marks from the sander all over your floor. The bulk and weight of this machine are the major culprits with this particular problem. It is nearly impossible for the amateur to manage this task without ..

How to Install Vertical Window Blinds

(January 04, 2007)  Professional installation of vertical blinds for most is the ideal situation. This is particularly true if climbing up and down ladders while trying to juggle multiple tools, rods, strings, and blinds doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend an afternoon. Part of the reason that this is such an ..


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