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Common Cat Illnesses

(April 08, 2007)  Sometimes your cat can seem under the weather, but you don’t know what’s wrong. Cats can suffer from a number of common illnesses, but because they can’t talk, they have no way of telling us what is wrong. Here are some of the common illnesses that cats can get, how to identify ..

Training Your Cat to Sit

(April 08, 2007)  While there are many reasons to love your cat, obedience is probably not one of them. We all love watching our cats bounce around and play, but have you ever wished that you could get them to sit still? It's easier than you might think; cats can be trained, just like dogs can, but it can take a bit .

Guide to Betta Fish Food

(April 02, 2007)  Bettas are carnivorous. In the wild, they live off of insects and their larvae. Their mouth is designed to snatch prey on the surface of the water, and their digestive tract is too short to metabolize most plants. This means they are best suited for live food, but they can adapt to flakes and ..

All About Dropsy

(March 29, 2007)  Dropsy is a common disease afflicting pet fresh-water fish in aquariums. Symptoms of dropsy include a swollen abdomen and a pine-cone-type appearance caused by the scales sticking out. This is caused by a concentration of built up fluid in the body tissues and cavity. A fish afflicted with dropsy ..

Essentials of Breeding Bearded Dragons

(March 29, 2007)  To breed bearded dragons, you must create their natural seasons to bring the females into heat. This is called pre-condition. Before starting pre-condition, you should make sure that both your male, and female bearded dragons are well, healthy, and mature enough to be bred. Pre-conditioning Steps ..

Choosing Plants for Your Betta Fish Tank

(March 28, 2007)  Betta fish use plants as a defensive strategy in their natural environments. This allows them to avoid contact with predators and other male Bettas Nervous or threatened-feeling Bettas will squeeze through close together plants to escape danger. Because of this, it is important to include some kind .

The Basics of Bearded Dragon Care

(March 28, 2007)  The bearded dragon is undoubtedly one of the most interesting pets one can own. Even if you don't like lizards, the bearded dragon's playful disposition and unique characteristics might just win you over. If you are already a proud owner of a bearded dragon (or “beardie" for short), or are ..


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