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Troubled Teens

(January 26, 2008)  Troubled teens are often confused and frightened. They affect everyone in their life; mom, dad, brothers and sisters the entire family unit. These teens have more of a negative impact than they think they do. The problem-teen epidemic has many parents, schoolteachers, and school administrators at ..

Asperger's Syndrome

(July 17, 2007)  Aspergers (AS) is a neurobiological disorder, which has a profound affect on basic life skills. Aspergers is attached to the autism spectrum on the high functioning side. Aspergers is what is known as a pervasive developmental disorder and one that can hamper how a child studies, learns and ..

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

(July 17, 2007)  Children with Childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD) appear to develop normally for the first two years of life, but then lose skills in areas such as language, play, and bowel control and manifest impaired social interaction and communication associated with restrictive, repetitive, stereotyped ..

Self-Reliance is Key

(April 13, 2007)  QUESTION: My 17-year-old daughter has moved out and is now living with her 20-year-old boyfriend, whom she only met a month ago. Now, she has left and seems quite pleased with herself, no ‘good-byes’ to her 2 sisters. Today, they got an apartment. His income is not enough to live on. I am ..

Time To 'Let Go'

(April 10, 2007)  QUESTION: I have a 22-year-old & an 18-year-old daughter. My oldest has started hanging around with this girl from work (age 23), and as a result, my daughter has changed dramatically in her mood swings. She says I irritate her and she can’t stand to be around me. She is always going away .

Parenting Styles

(April 08, 2007)  QUESTION: I have a 14-year-old son, and we always seem to be angry with each other. I try to be patient, but whatever I do seems to annoy him and vice versa. My husband takes a different approach than me, and this also causes conflict between us as he lets our son get away with bad behaviour by ..

He Can't Get Along With His Father

(April 07, 2007)  QUESTION: Our son does improve for a while, but then all of the sudden he will get back into this rebellious stage. He has a really hard time communicating and getting along with his father. Now he says he can’t live with his father and wants to move out (he’ll soon be 17). His father ..

Refinement - A Parent's Strategy For Success

(April 07, 2007)  QUESTION: We are trying some new disciplinary strategies for our out-of-control teen, but we are not seeing any changes in his behavior yet. What might we be doing wrong? ``````````````````````````````````````` ANSWER: Here’s what I see in those cases where parents seem to have difficulty ..

Paradoxical Parenting-Strategies Work With Out-of-Control Teens

(April 05, 2007)  QUESTION: My toughest challenge currently is discipline and understanding the behavior of my children’s actions, as well as getting them to listen and understand what we have to say to them. The problems I'm experiencing currently is getting my children to be obedient and to understand the ..

The Art of Saying "Yes" and the Art of Saying &quo ...

(February 12, 2007)  Conflict between you and your out-of-control teen can occur when he/she wants something from you (e. g. , to acquire material items, receive privileges, gain attention, avoid following a rule, avoid doing a chore, avoid receiving a discipline, avoid meeting a parental expectation, etc. ). The Art ..

Hand-outs Create Disrespect

(January 29, 2007)  A strange paradox exists with our “ungrateful" children: The more we give, the less they appreciate. Why? Because “free handouts" of privileges (i. e. , material items and freedoms that are not earned) create disrespect. Here’s how the disrespect develops: 1. We want to bond with .


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