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Questions To Ask Your Apartment Manager Before You Sign Your ..

 May 23, 2011 Right before you put in your application, you should ask the apartment manager a set of questions that will alleviate any concerns you may have at the time. You don’t want to end up in a ..

Protecting Your Pets From the Shock of Disease

 June 22, 2009 When it comes to keeping our pets safe, there are a lot of steps to take to ensure their safety. Whether it’s travel insurance or a secure yard for playing in, pet safety is a number one ..

Pet Owner Holiday Cleaning Tips - 5 Holiday Cleaning Tips For ..

 November 11, 2008 Those of us who are pet lovers are constantly receiving love and companionship from out pets, and so we tend to overlook the hair, dust, dander, odor and other issues that often come with having a ..

Renting to Pet Owners Without Ruining Your Investment

 November 04, 2008 Even the words “pets", “dog" and “cat" can send cold chills down the spine of any landlord who has had a bad experience with tenants who thought that cleaning the litter box once a ..

Why Take Out a Pet Insurance Policy?

 September 11, 2008 It's obvious that you need insurance on your home and car, your health and even your life. But what about another important aspect of your life - your pet? Pet insurance has grown in popularity as ..

Ensure Your Pet Has the Best Possible Protection

 September 10, 2008 According to research, there are 27 million pets in the UK today, with over 40 percent of households owning at least one domesticated animal. Dogs and cats account for the largest percentage, with ..

When Your Child's Pet Dies

 August 17, 2008 The family pet is just that, part of the family. Helping your child to deal with the loss of the family pet can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to start the healing process. 1. Allow your child ..

Funny Pet Names For Your Pet What to Keep in Mind When ..

 July 30, 2008 These websites include names for all kinds of pets and all kinds of categories of names. Of course the choice is ultimately yours when selecting a clever and fun pet name, but if you are like some ..

How Much Does Your Pet Cost?

 July 27, 2008 Have you ever thought about how much it costs you to keep a pet? The reality is that having a pet can be a very costly endeavor, although any pet owner will tell you that their beloved furry friends ..

Is a Dog a Suitable Pet For Your Lifestyle?

 July 13, 2008 It can be very tempting to grab an adorable puppy after a couple of weeks after its birth but the time isn't right, it has to learn a few doggie principles from its mother first. It has to learn ..

A Meeting by Chance Another Pet Partner Story

 June 28, 2008 It began on the elevator. A meeting by chance, or was it? Often I believe we are put in a certain place at a certain time for a certain reason. Therefore we must always be ready and willing to follow .

Collaring Your Dog

 June 19, 2008 When you bring home that new puppy selecting a collar for him is just one of the decisions you will have to make. Regardless of whether it is for identification or control, selecting the proper ..

When Your Pet Dog Gets Older

 May 18, 2008 Pet Dogs Life Expectancy A dog is thought to be old around ten years of age, that number may vary and being elderly could be anywhere from 7 to 10 years of age, depending on the breed. Larger pet ..

Cat Urine On Your Carpet - Don't Despair - Do This

 May 07, 2008 Cat Urine On The Carpet? Oh, No. . . Getting cat urine on your carpet is by no means one of the joys of pet ownership. It can be really distressing and frustrating and it is easy to get angry at ..

Choosing the Right Veterinarian for Your Pet

 April 19, 2008 We know that your family pet is a part of your family. You want to make sure that they have the best of everything, the best home, the best food, the best toys, and the best possible health care. We ..

How to Choose Pet Food Like an Expert

 April 19, 2008 Caring for a pet is rewarding and enjoyable. Most of us want our pets to have the best care that we can afford and the best care begins with everyday care like the food that our pets eat. It's ..

Pet Medications Bought In An Online Pet Pharmacy

 April 06, 2008 Everyone loves their pets. They're fun, cuddly, cute and always full of love. Through all the excitement of having a pet, it is important to remember that sometimes pets get sick too. Pets are as ..

Pet Adoption - There Are Few Things More Beautiful Than Pet ..

 March 02, 2008 Pet Adoption is the number one way people acquire their pets today. Because most people do not have their pets spade, the number of unwanted animals is at an all time high. There are millions of ..

Virtual Pets - Why Are Virtual Pets So Popular?

 February 27, 2008 Virtual pets, also known as a digital pet, are popular all over the world today. Many will say you can trace the virtual pets origin back to the 1970's and the “Pet Rock". The Pet Rock was an ..

Apartments Full of Animals - Tips On Owning Animals In Your ..

 February 22, 2008 When out on the apartment grounds, never leave your pets unattended. The great outdoors is for you AND Bruno, not you OR Bruno. Dogs and cats should never be left to wander outdoors unattended. If ..

Kids, Cats and Dogs

 February 19, 2008 There are some common sense steps to take when it comes to either choosing a pet for the family, or trying to adjust a family pet to having a new baby in the house. So many women, for some odd ..

Oops! Call the Rug Doctor!

 June 23, 2007 Add two cats, two dogs, two kids, and one slightly clumsy mother, and what do you get? The inevitable oops, and the carpet is the unlucky recipient of one mess or another. Time to call the Rug ..

How To Clean Cat Urine

 February 24, 2007 Why is a cat urine smell so difficult to remove even after you have cleaned the spot with a good cat urine cleaner? Pet urine, cat or otherwise, is comprised of three major components: 1. Urea - ..

Dogging the Dogs

 February 05, 2007 The Humane Society has gone on record stating that dog bites have become an epidemic. While I agree that the more than five million annually recorded bites are of epidemic proportions, it is nonsense .

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Puppy And Dog Information

 February 04, 2007 The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is happy, energetic smaller dog that makes a great watch dog. They can be kept in an apartment as long as they can be walked for exercise. A properly fenced in yard ..

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