Writing Articles: The Why

Jeff Herring

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"Daddy, why do you write all those artices and then send them away?"

I answered my 11 year old son by telling him that I did it for more prospects, publicity and profits.

"What's that? I don't get it. "

I went on to explain that when I write articles and send them in to EzineArticles.com and/or have them in my own newsletters and websites that people read them and then come to my websites and become subscribers, buy my information, and then tell others about me.

And then came the part that made it all clear for him. I further explained that when people buy my information the money goes to our bank and then I am able to buy him more Star Wars action figures.

"Daddy, please keep writing articles!" I think he got it.

Do you get it?"

Writing articles can bring you a ton of prospects, publicity and profits. All of these are good things.

There are lots of people out there with all kinds of expertise. None of it does a bit of good unless people know about your expertise.

Besides doing good work in your area of expertise, the very best way I have found to let others know about your expertise ia ro write and market your experise with articles.

Upping your expert-ability

The written word ups your credibility and your expert-ability.

I once wrote an article on something I called “Sunday Night Syndrome, " about how sometimes we get anxious on Sunday night before the start of the work week.

It appeared in our local paper on a Monday and then went out on the wire to other papers later that day. By Friday I was getting calls asking me about my research and sources, did I have a book on the subject, etc. etc.

I had made up the idea less than 10 days earlier.

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