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Sean Mize

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I am assuming at this point that you know what your niche or topic is and that this article is designed to help you decide what you should write in regards to your niche or web site topic.

Start with your niche or topic, for example, gardening.

Then make a list of things that people might want to know about gardening.

For example:

How do you garden?

What climates are good for gardening?

Do you garden differently in different climates?

What types of things can you grow in the cold climates?

What types of things can you grow in the hot climates?

Notice at this point how I am building a number of questions around one subtopic of gardening: the climate. You can probably think of 20 or 30 more questions related to just the climate.

Now for a change of subtopic, for example: tools for gardening

What types of tools do I need for gardening?

What are the easiest tools for gardening?

Are there different tools for different plants?

Where do I buy quality tools for my gardening?

What are the top three tools for gardening?

And again, you can add many more tool questions, especially if you are in the gardening niche and understand gardening (I am not, and don’t).

Now you should be able to easily think up 20 subtopics for your niche, similar to the two I suggest here for gardening. For example, in the gardening niche:

Time of year
Part of the world

Obviously this is a partial list of all the subtopics for the gardening niche. Come up with at least 20 for your niche, then write at least 10 questions to answer for each subtopic.

Next, write an article about each question…just given this scenario, you will have 200 article subjects ready to write!

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 500 articles in print and 9 published ebooks.


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