Three Key Networking Principles for Women Professionals


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In order to break through the glass ceiling and reach gender equity, there are several key strategies that women professionals must adopt. One such strategy is networking.

There is no doubt that women, like men, need others’ help to achieve our goals. Very few of us have gotten where we are in our careers without someone’s assistance. Honestly we must admit that we may have been hired for a job because of whom we knew. And for us women entrepreneurs, much of the business we receive is through our personal contacts.

Networking Defined

So what is networking? According to “The Networking Book" by Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps, “Networking is people connecting with people, linking ideas and resources. " The book “Power Networking, 55 Secrets for Personal & Professional Success" states that networking is not: 1) Selling; 2) Using people for your gain; 3) Coercing or manipulating someone to do what you want; 4) Putting friends, neighbors, associates on the spot; or 5) Badgering people about your business.

Three Key Networking Principles

Based on these definitions, what should women professionals keep in mind when networking? The following three principles should guide every woman’s networking approach:

1. Establish Relationships with Network

When trying to “connect" with people, try to find areas of common interest –issues, ideas or activities that you share in common with the other person. Effective networking is not a “one-shot" deal. True networking requires establishing a long-term relationship with someone. And the best way to do that is to find out about that individual on a personal and business level.

2. Be Honest about Your Intentions

State why you are contacting an individual for help. Do not say you would like to conduct an informal interview if you are actually trying to get a job offer from the meeting rather than information. Your honesty will result in people be more willing to assist you.

3. Reciprocate

Networking is a two way street. So if someone has assisted you, make it a priority to help her down the road. However, do not expect something for someone just because you did something for her. Sometimes that person may not be in the position to help you. However, personally I believe that if you help someone out of the goodness of your heart, it is the “order of the universe" that someone will help you one day. And remember, it has been said, that it is better to give than to receive.

These three key principles have one common element – treating people with respect. By applying these principles, we can enrich our lives professionally and personally.

About The Author

Michelle Goodwine is President and Founder of Integrated HR Strategies, the only African-American, woman-owned strategic human resources consulting firm in the country. For more information about her company’s services, visit . Visit Michelle’s website at for information about her professional speaking experience or e-mail her at Copyright © 2004 Integrated HR Strategies. All Rights Reserved.


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