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Blogging can be a bit confusing, for the first weeks you may feel like scrapping the idea but hang in there. Use this time to gain a understanding of what's interesting by reading other bloggers pages. firstly do you want to use your own name or do you have a alias name, this may be best if it's a personal blog as your identity can hinder what you write about. Your life and daily events night outs are usually a good read .

Maybe not I went the shop or cleaned ect, interesting things or your views on a topic gone viral, you must update your content to keep your readers otherwise it's pointless. You can use past memories or funny things happened clothes your wearing shoes, ect. Things you like doing thinking of doing highlight your values include links if mentioning your purchases, basically you choose what you want to share .

If it's tattoos pictures of your favorite ones , include holidays recent past. There are so many bloggers now from those sharing videos, pictures that make you laugh to pictures of girls in bikinis or tattooed men, I found that tumblr was the easiest one to set up for a first timer, has sections of interest streaming page for content and alias. Viewing others pages following content and making reference is a great way of gaining interest in your own. This in order to bring people to your page daily must have daily interesting things, otherwise they just move to the next one. Included other site links to pages you have elsewhere. Tips spend time reading others pages and learn from them, Check Online trending and include on your page Include links to pages you like regularly and in time it's returned Be consistent ready news and gossip pages Set aside a couple of hours a day and don't give up who knows you may end up employing people to run your page for you, These basic steps will help you begin your first blog/page.

Feeling your way around also enables you to gain confidence in what content you share on your page. iclude updates on each section encourage others to share content freely relating to it and others will also. Time consuming efforts are always rewarding and others will recognise your efforts . .


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