Simple Design Tips That Won’t Break The Bank


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My favorite part of designing my own home is the ability to use everyday objects for unique purposes. And with costs of home goods seeming to constantly be on the rise, it helps with the budget as well. Having the freedom to think outside the box and incorporate my own treasures and my children’s creations into design work is priceless. If you have ever attempted to redesign a room in your house, you know how expensive it can get as well as how much your kids can destroy the whole thing in one afternoon.

The key to creating a warm, personal space is reusing items for new purposes and utilizing all of those art projects your children bring home from school.

When redesigning my own bedroom and sitting area recently, I discovered yet another means for me to incorporate a unique medium into the work while still maintaining my own personal flair in the room. I was able to do this because I used items that already belonged to me: scarves.

I have always had an affinity for beautifully patterned scarves, no matter where they came from or what the quality or condition they were. However, as I was clearing out the room for renovation, I came across a box of scarves that I hadn’t worn in about a year. As I tossed the box onto my dresser with the intention of taking them to a thrift store or letting my young daughter use them for dress up, one elegant yellow floral print scarf landed and draped itself over the edge of the dark wood surface. The contrast was perfect.

I began taking scarves around the room to see how else I could work them into my design. My simple dark nightstands were graced with vibrant geometric patterns courtesy of a birthday present from my sister years before.

I cut the scarf in half and placed it under each glass plate covering the surface of the stands, letting the fringed ends dangle gingerly down the front. The cushion of my vanity stool was recovered with the fabric from a floral print scarf that had matched an old suit and conveniently covered up an orange juice stain left by my 5-year old. The inset drawer panels of the vanity were laminated with pinks and purples from a large scarf that had been a mother’s day present.

In my dining room, I placed dozens of pictures my girls had painted or drawn over the years under the glass plate of my dining table. These memories had been stashed away in a drawer but now friends and family can admire them. This added so much color and energy to a room that was otherwise drab and I can constantly change the design by changing out the artwork.

The lesson is simple, you have the means to make a beautiful, inexpensive new design tucked away in drawers and closets right now, you just have to use them!

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