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When it comes to taking vacations, you’re a sucker for the chance to have it all; pristine beaches and lots of sunshine as well as a historic setting with a story to tell. Not every place lends itself to a good sense of balance, as past trips have either found you whiling away the hours mindlessly working on your tan or trudging through a series of landmarks at a breakneck pace. For a little of everything, (minus the stress) you’re confident in your decision to head to St. Croix for your next vacation.

The postcards you’ve seen of windmills and quaint streets strike you as thrillingly European, and the rainforests and beaches mean that you can disappear into nature if you want to. You’ve been saving up your vacation days for months with the goal of truly losing yourself to the rhythm of St. Croix, and there are only a few considerations left to make before you’ll be all set.

One of these is your lodging situation. Convenience to everything on your list of things to see and do as well as ample privacy and the guarantee of many good nights’ sleep probably has you leaning towards a vacation rental. You’ve heard that there are dozens of properties available on the island of St. Croix; each one a little different, each one outfitted with better-than-usual amenities. It sounds like something worth exploring.

Your search may uncover a place that sits atop a rolling hill leading right down to the beach. This makes for top-notch sunrise and sunset viewings, especially considering that it has a wrap around porch constantly inviting you outside. Set up an umbrella out here to enjoy breakfast with your honey, and keep your eyes peeled for the yacht races that occur weekly in the waves below.

The swimming pool just beyond the French doors will allow quick dips on warm, Caribbean days, but for the real thing just head down to the beach. The reef makes for great diving and snorkeling, but don’t be ashamed to simply take a leisurely float or enjoy a nap under your big floppy hat. Break the habit of watching the clock as you settle into a non-schedule.

To see the sights of the island, you’ll want to rent a car or hop aboard a tour guide’s vehicle. The rum distillery makes an interesting stopping point, as do the cities of Christiansted and Frederiksted. Rich history, plenty of shops and restaurants, and a decidedly Danish flair will whet your appetite for culture without having to cross the Atlantic or brave bad weather. Plantations, churches, museums, and restored buildings will give you a taste of olden times and you’ll soon find yourself in possession of a more worldly perspective.

At the end of a fulfilling day, come back “home" and rest your bones in your modern master bedroom. Light and airy thanks to the plentiful windows and ceiling fans, your new hideaway puts all previous hotel rooms to shame. In fact, it makes you feel a little unenthusiastic about your normal set-up back home, so don’t let yourself make too many comparisons or you’ll never want to leave.

The kitchen, filled with shiny new appliances, will make fixing a few meals and snacks more of a pleasure than a chore, and the washer and dryer need only be used in case of emergency. Raid the game closet for a night of family fun, or switch on the DVD player, pop some popcorn, and cozy up on the couch for a quiet interlude before bed. Every corner of your vacation villa will reveal a surprise, and will make you wish you had taken this route on some of your previous vacations.

Local leisure activities will dominate your days and peaceful slumber will fill your nights, and partly thanks to your amenity-filled vacation rental, all will seem right with the world. It looks like your St. Croix vacation really will have it all, so congratulate yourself for having things all figured out.

If it sounds like a condo, ocean side retreat, or villa belongs in your future, then be sure to go online and reserve the St.Croix Vacation Rental that’s right for you. It’s safe to say that you won’t be settling for anything less than amazing.

If you’re ready to reward yourself by staying in a vacation rental, then visit as you start to plan your next trip.


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