5 Haunted Places in India for Adventure Hunters

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India comprises of so many places that are worth visiting once in a lifetime. Full of architectural marvels and scenic views, India is indeed incredible. Among the many beautiful places, there are also a few haunted ones which are not for the weak-hearted people. These places are for the adventure thirsty people who love to experience thrill in life. Adventure searchers can plan adventure tours in India to these places.

These haunted places begin from Uttarakhand and go up to the Andamans.

Thrill hunters can plan their adventure tours in India in the places listed below:-

Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi

Though Agrasen ki Baoli is a tourist place but no one has the courage to visit this place at night. It is said that this place was once filled with black water. It is believed that the water attracts the depressed hearts towards itself and forces them to jump in. Every time the water absorbs someone, the water level raised.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

This place is the most popular tourist attraction in Gujarat. With its stark black sand, the beach is located along the Arabian Sea, which is just 13 miles away from the city of Surat. However, several people are unaware of the fact that Dumas is considered as one of the most haunted beaches in India. The locals often complained that they hear some kind of weird noises while walking along the beach. It is believed that the dead souls are present on the beach which is why there is a sad air around the beach and even the dogs howl all night at the beach.

There are several stories related to the beach which say that tourists or locals who have walked along the beach at night have disappeared.

Dow Hill of kurseong- Darjeeling (West Bengal)

Situated in the Darjeeling state of West Bengal, Dow Hill is a very small hill station, which is definitely very beautiful and calm but there is a dark side to it too. This place is very tragic as several numbers of people have been murdered here. Many unnatural deaths have occurred at this place, which makes this place all the more haunted.

Shaniwar Wada Fort, Pune (Mumbai)

Situated in Pune, Shaniwar Wada fort is believed to be haunted as several scary occurrences are reported every full moon night here. It is said that the ghost of the young Peshwa Narayanrao still exists here with his painful soreness. Every moon night he cries and shouts to be saved.

North Sentinel Islands, Andaman

Though the Indian Ocean Island is a home to a community who has lived there for so many years, yet it is too dangerous to be visited because any outsiders who enter this place are killed.

The places mentioned above are definitely not for the ones with a weak heart. Adventure seekers can plan an adventure tours in India to one of these places to explore scary and thrilling adventures.


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