Cedar Point, Ohio - A Family Fun Vacation with an Amusement Park that is Budget Minded

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Amusement parks are one of the most common places for family fun, but they can often be overpriced and overcrowded. It may pay to look into visiting a less well known amusement park area and save yourself some admission fees. Cedar point is one such place.

It’s just off the coast of Ohio in Lake Erie. The amusement park has been around ever since the early nineteen hundreds and is constantly making updates to its equipment and bringing in new rides for the visitors. While here you can ride the roller coasters, tan yourself on the beach and even do a little river rafting on artificial rapids.

The park has lodging available for visitors who plan on staying more than one day in the form of the Great Bear Lodge, which has special amusements and privileges for guests. If however you don’t wish to spend that much you can always find a place to stay in the outlying area. Much of Northern Ohio on the lake is tourist area and you’ll find plenty of hotels in Sandusky, Ohio. You can find a relatively cheap rate in the smaller towns up to twenty or so miles from the lake, such as the small town of Clyde, Ohio.

Clyde, Ohio is just far enough from the lake that it closely resembles a farm community, but still has a few hotels and fast food restaurants. This can also serve as an opportunity to take the family on a drive through farm country. Once you leave the area immediately surrounding the lake much of Ohio returns to farms and fields. You might even be able to find a farmer’s market and buy yourself some fresh fruits and veggies to snack on while at the amusement park.

In a smaller community such as Clyde you’d be able to enjoy visiting Cedar Point on a daily basis, while also having the chance to get away from some of the hectic sounds and traffic of the city area.

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