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I correspond with a few cross dressers. One of them asked me a interesting question that I did not know the answer to:

"What do the female sales clerks in the department stores think about men buying pantyhose?"

As a female going into the department store, no one seconds guesses me or considers it odd if I am buying pantyhose or other female clothing. I cannot say I have been around when other men were buying female garments so I have no idea what these salespeople thought about men who were coming in and buying the same things.

While I usually buy shoes, blouses, skirts and dresses at the store, most of my panties and pantyhose are bought online. These I really do not need to try on. Fro the most part I want to try things on. It has actually been a while since I went into a department store to buy pantyhose.

So here was my mission over the next few weeks. While out shopping, which I do enough of anyway, I was going to go to the pantyhose and stocking section and ask the sales people a few questions:

Do you always work in pantyhose?
How often are men coming in to buy?
Do they indicate if they are buying for themselves or for their wife?
Are any members if the hosiery club?
Do they ever talk to you about wearing them?

And not, the answers.

Do you always work in pantyhose? Most work in multiple sections of the store but seemed to spend quite a bit of time in the hosiery section. It also seemed that many of the saleswomen had been working at the stores for at least a few years. This gave us enough time to relay some actual experiences.

How often are men coming in to buy? Very regular it seems. On average 3 - 4 men a week. Many of the saleswomen say they actually recognize the men as they are coming in. One even said when she sees him come in by himself, he always comes in to buy pantyhose. When she sees him with his wife, he just walks by.

Do they indicate if they are buying for themselves or for their wife? Most of the men come in, buy their pantyhose and stockings and leave without saying much at all. Typical guys. A few had some stories about how the guys would talk about how the hose were for themselves. Others made a point to mention they were for their wives but looked nervous saying it.

Are any members if the hosiery club? Very few. It was as if they did not want a record. It was also worth pointing out that the vast people paying for anything in a department store pay with a credit card, the men buying pantyhose really like to pay with cash. I guess these guys do not want any receipts floating around

Do they ever talk to you about wearing them? For the most part the guys that come in do not say much at all. A few of the sales women did ask some of the guys about their purchase. One saleswoman had sold the guy pantyhose about 3 or four times. She said he was a good-looking guy and she just remembered his face. She just flat out said she remembered him and asked him if he always bought pantyhose for his wife or if they were for someone else. He answered someone else. She asked him if he was the someone else. He said yes. They chatted about his fetish for a while and that was about it.

None of the saleswomen hold any judgment about the men who come in and buy pantyhose. They do talk about it some by themselves. They have a pretty clear idea what is happening. Whenever a guy comes wandering in by himself buying queen size pantyhose and paying cash, they just figure it is a cross dresser who is hiding it from his wife and keeping it to themselves. They also make a point to just ring up the purchase and not say much, figuring that the guy does not want to talk much anyway.

They can also spot you a mile away. Men wandering alone in the women's section browsing around seems to be a rare thing.

I did ask a few if they wanted to let the guys buying pantyhose know anything. The response was pretty universal - “It's ok. You can talk to us if you want to. You are not the first guy coming in here making this purchase nor are you going to be the last. We have seen it before and do not think much of it. Let us help you if we can. "

Nice ladies.

Chrissy Stewart is a young women entrepreneur seeking to drive people to her affiliate site - She enjoys the look and feel of hosiery and enjoys the attention she gets when she shows off her great looking legs. She wants to help others enjoy them also.


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