Sexy Shoes Gaining Popularity


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To start with, I suppose that even slippers can be considered “sexy shoes" if put on the right pair of feet. But most often the term “sexy shoes" brings in thoughts of high heels, stilettos and clear heeled pumps.

It wasn't too long ago, these were seen as shoes ‘solely’ for dancers, strippers or (uh-hm) “working girls". But as of late, these sexy heels are dancing their way into Nightclub, USA and even being worn with evening attire for a night on the town.

From the now classic Clear Heeled Pump to the ever growing trend of shoes with their own light show, the sexy shoe revolution is underfoot!

In heights as low as 3 inches to as tall as 8 inches, you can be as virtually tall as you want to be. (Did I say 8 inches? - Maybe those are just for cast members of Cirque du Soleil!)

The bottom line is that sexy shoes can be attention getters that can expand on one's expression. If you're lucky, hopefully you can find some that don't abuse your feet.

So what type of sexy shoes should YOU wear?

In the past, that most often was dictated by the color of your outfit. But now that's just the first step. After color coordinating, it all comes down to how you're feeling that particular evening; because with the vast array of choices you now have, you can wear sexy shoes to fit any mood!

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