Ten Wonderful Ways to Dress for Short Heighted Lasses

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Women with short height often face problems dressing and have to sometimes go to the teen section to look for clothes that will suit them. They always find it difficult to dress up and flaunt their dress. While online clothes shopping, a short heighted girl will always be puzzled as to what to buy and which dress would fit perfectly to her.

However, here are a few tips for the petite lasses to look hot and find right clothes that fit them easily through online clothes shopping stores.

  1. Choose elongated dresses: while shopping for petite women, one must pick clothes that create an illusion of length. Also one can choose colorful clothes with color patches here and there that would make a short heighted girl look pretty and not too short.
  2. Tight silhouettes: when it comes to shopping for a short heighted lass, make sure to buy tight silhouettes that bring on an illusion of style and length and make her look curvy and sassy.
  3. Pretty heels: “life can be short but heels shouldn’t be” shorter heighted women should always go for heels with every dress. Though the heels should be of medium size, neither too high nor too low. Too high heels would make the disastrous tone come through while too short heels won’t serve the purpose. So girls with short height should prefer medium heels.
  4. Not too heavy accessories: Say no to heavy accessories which would make one look too bulky and large.
  5. Belt color: While shopping, petite lasses should ensure to match the color of their belt with the pants or shorts they have bought. This brings about an illusion of length too.
  6. Use contrast: while choosing patterns, women should choose vertical not horizontal prints or patterns. And make sure to contrast the pant with it.
  7. High waist: short heighted girls should go for high waist pants that makes their legs look longer and also wear heels wit h it for an extra hot touch.
  8. Front open cardigans: women with short height should go for cardigans that are open from the front and of ideally the same length as the top to look long and hot.
  9. V-necks: Girls can choose v-necks to look sassy and hot. These tops accentuate the bust line and offer an illusion of length too.
  10. Say no to capris: capris and short that end till the knee are not meant for girls with short height. It makes them look even shorter and ugly.

Follow the tips mentioned above while online clothes shopping for petite lasses.


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