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The earliest deliveries of the brand-new Kindle model began arrive on doorsteps over the past couple of days. My loaner review unit showed up on Thursday evening, and also I've truly invested the past three nights actively playing with it (it makes for an amazing discus).

I select the white-colored version for the sake of trying something different, and also Personally i think I have had it long enough to posting my review.

It's white colored.

It's a Amazon kindle.

Very seriously, those of you, it's 2016 as well as we have long since reached the point where we take a look at the Kindle in much the same way that managers used to make reference to IBM.

Have you any idea that phrase “Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM"?

It referred to the general opinion that IBM was the safe pick for computers, which was correct back then. And also it is just simply as true nowadays that the Kindle is the reliable choice for e-readers, knowning that has been true for a few years now.

The brand new Kindle is a very suitable replacement for what was already a very adequate e-book reader. The 2014 basic Kindle may have been big and also blocky, however all that fell away when you make use of it to read.

Having said that, the new one is quite a lot prettier, and even I'd claim it's even prettier as compared to the Paperwhite. The 2016 Amazon kindle is thinner plus smaller in every way than its predecessor, and it sports smaller bezels, a smooth back along with curved edges (an refurbishment on the Paperwhite), in addition to twice the RAM plus Bluetooth.

It really is a lot prettier than the 2014 model and also it is in every way an improvement, nevertheless my enthusiasm is tempered by the simple fact that I was pleased with the 2014 model and that I no longer need the accessibility options (which are made possible by BT).

So you need to shop for it?

That depends.

I wouldn't suggest replacing to it, not unless your present Kindle had died. However in case I were buying one at this time I could possibly consider the 2016 model over the former version. Amazon is offering both on its website right this moment, and the 2016 model only costs $10 more.

Alternatively, Amazon is at the same time listing the 2014 Kindle as a refurb for $56.

Is the brand-new Kindle really worth the extra $24 over the price of the refurb?

You explain to me. Is the Bluetooth plus accessibility worth enough to you to justify the extra cost? How about the white shell?

The response to the last question is simply no, simply because the Wireless bluetooth does not work properly.

For that reason exactly what do you think of the brand new Amazon kindle?

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