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Great coverage for the Kindle Paperwhite that will not break the bank!

I was very excited to get the new Kindle Paperwhite with all of its fancy features and thin size. I still have the third generation Kindle Paperwhite and it works perfectly.

The Michael Kors glossy leather (high-end case) adorning my 1st generation Kindle Paperwhite came from the Amazon store many years ago – if memory serves me correctly, the cost ranged $39 - $50. It is the one with the gold zipper on the side (nice).

When I purchased the Kindle Paperwhite – I knew that getting a case was not optional, but very mandatory. This time, spending $100 bucks or more just did not appeal to me. Instead, I wanted something with a professional appearance that was also durable, yet affordable.

So naturally, I came to Amazon to begin my intense search. I am not an [easy sell] – I want to know that money spent on products is going to be well worth the investment.

Kindle Paperwhite Case

There are so many Kindle Paperwhite cases to select from, but my attention was inquisitively drawn to the TAGreat brand. I carefully read all of the features this case offered and felt really good about making the purchase.

The TAGreat Kindle Paperwhite Case Design:

–I bought the Cute Dog Pattern. It is NOT a cheap printing. It looks quiet rich (+)

–The front cover is a (flap) it does not have a strip or zipper closure. Easy open and close (+)
–The inside of the front cover has a grayish overlay underneath that is the internal magnet (+)
–The auto-on feature activates when the front flap is opened. It is awesome (+)
–The cover can flip all the way around to the back of the case [like a book] (+)

–The back is a hard shell, thick plastic shell casing with a smooth surface (+)

–No astronaut science here. The cost is obviously affordable. The quality is GREAT (+)

–Foldable stand works (ok) not the sturdiest, but if you push the end to the far back it elevates the Kindle Paperwhite to a decent raised slant. I personally expected the stand to be stronger, but it does work (-/+)

–All that is required is to gently place the Kindle Paperwhite into the slot of the plastic shell. There are easy access openings for users to adjust volume and power buttons (+)

My Kindle Paperwhite is passcode protected, thus, when the flap is first opened – it still will prompt for user to manually enter their passcode (thank goodness).
If you are wondering how great can the quality be for something so inexpensive the answer is simple (IT JUST IS). As long as you are not one of those users who abuses your devices (ie throwing them around, constantly dropping, giving them a water bath, taking a hammer to the screen etc. ) the case will do its job.

I absolutely love this case! It feels really good and looks stunning. I definitely want one in the black and pink now. You should also note that the Kindle Paperwhite will be slightly heavier inside the case than without. The protection is great for someone who keeps their Kindle Paperwhite out of harms way. In the event you want to change cases with the many colors offered by TAGreat – removing the Kindle Paperwhite from the shell is really easy. Finally, it is a good idea to purchase a glass screen protector to go over your Kindle Paperwhite (as an additional layer of protection).

Trust me - Do not think too hard about picking up this Kindle Paperwhite case; just get it. You will be happy :-)

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