Plasma TVs - Are They Worth Buying?


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Why would someone want to buy a plasma television, instead of a conventional TV or one of the other new TV's on the market? One reason may be the more realistic picture a plasma TV provides compared to conventional television, with its natural, corner to corner picture. If you buy a plasma television you will not have any edge distortion. Besides the corner to corner picture that is also because of the perfect flat screen design. You can notice a distortion on other CRT screens sometimes.

Plasmas have a picture composed of flat lines that provides a much more realistic picture than one on a conventional television. They have a wider viewing angle. People will be able to sit at the side of your plasma television and see the entire screen. There will be no glare caused by a light in the room.

Plasma televisions can display as many as 16.77 million colors and provide wonderful color accuracy, a high number of resolution lines, and brightness, which is uniform throughout the screen. The human eye cannot even see 16.77 million colors, but it can see how brilliant the pictures are on plasmas.

It is possible with a plasma television to have a television that will meet the requirements for High Definition Television, if you buy a widescreen, 16:9 ratio format plasma TV. This type of television provides an especially brilliant picture. Even though, not all plasmas are capable of showing High Definition shows, all display a higher resolution than conventional televisions and provide a better picture than a conventional television. Plasmas that are not High Definition are Enhanced Definition Televisions, and the picture is far more brilliant than on conventional televisions.

Having a plasma television is a lot like having your own movie theater. You can play your favorite movie on DVD or video on your new television.

In addition to the pictures on your wall, why not hang your plasma TV as well? You could not do that with a conventional television, and a plasma television is truly far more space efficient. Plasmas can even be hung from a ceiling, and are so light they weigh only 50 to 80 pounds. By contrast, a conventional television can weigh up to 400 pounds. It is obvious how much easier a plasma television is to move from place to place, and a plasma can fit almost anywhere.

If you want to be more conventional, a plasma television can be placed on a stylish television stand. You will save space, and your room will have a modern look.

Plasma televisions are popular among many businesses. They are used in other commercial purposes.

A plasma television has many other uses as well. It can even be to your person commuter and surf the World Wide Web. You will have Internet experience such as you've never had. Do you know of any other electronic device that allows you to watch TV shows, videos, DVDs, and connect the Internet?

At one time many people could not afford plasmas. That is no longer the case. It is true that plasma televisions may still cost more than traditional TVs, but prices have fallen sharply. Most people can afford plasmas. Plasma TV's are less expensive than LCD and LCoS TVs and other new technologies.

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