Beautiful Glass Beads a Must for Every Jewelry Designer

Jagadish Puttaraj

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Glass beads are pretty cool items to design jewelries with. First of all they are extremely colorful and bright. They can be used to make funky earrings and pendants. They can be customized to suit your preferences. Also being available in different colors makes them the ideal objects to design a dress accessory with. They will go along with almost every dress that you can make. They also make good buttons because they have this transparent button like quality to them.

Since these are transparent, they make shinier jewelry. So if you want to design a jewelry for the evening event, then glass beads are your go to. Since they are so unique – much different from wooden beads, they look very elegant and expensive. This goes in your favor since if they look expensive; you can sell them in good prices. The raw materials are really very cheap. You can buy them at decent prices – especially if you are buying in bulk. In that case, expect to get good discounts on them. If you are not buying them in bulk, still they are cheaper than a lot of others beads you will get out there.

So, you can just put them in a string and voila! You have your perfect jewelry piece that looks both lavish and suits your party gown perfectly.

In fact the glass beads are singularly so beautiful, that you don’t even need it in bulk to make the perfect jewelry. For example, you take a pearly white glass bead in a reasonable size and put it on your necklace as a pendant or on your bracelet as a shining piece. It would steal the show! No wonder these are so highly sought after. You could almost find them in every flea shop but the best way to get good rates is to compare them.

Usually what happens is that the flea markets buy it online and then sell it to you with some profit. If you want to get good discounts on these then you can buy these online too. They will give you a good rate and you can also check out five different retail shops online before zeroing in on one.

Glass beads are trendy items that you would like to keep with you whenever you are looking to try something new. Now talking about trend, since glass beads are highly customizable, they can be available in different types. This means that you can have them in the same shape and size.

For example, there are simple beads that are available in just one color. Then there are beads that are dipped in dye and dotted with multiple colors to make them look gorgeous. Typical designers do not like the dotted ones mostly – because they have to meet the demands of their imagination. This is why they like to buy the ones that are plain dyed. This way they can go ahead and make their own carvings on them. You will find either one online. Check out Pandahall’s amazing jewelry beads collections for your designs.


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