What Makes Rhinestone Beads So Special

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Rhinestone beads are very colorful and brilliant looking beads available on the market. They are highly prized by jewelry designers because they add a touch or class and elegance to jewelry items they are used on. When rhinestone beads were created, the aim was to imitate diamonds. The beads were given cuts that would actually reflect light the way diamonds do. This is something that made them really popular and highly sought after. During those times, diamonds were rare and only the rich could afford them. A cheap imitation meant that everyone who wanted to wear diamond jewelry, but could not afford had access to something that looked like diamond.

From the moment rhinestones have hit the market, they have been used in the creation of all sorts of jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets, nose pins, etc. They are also often used to embellish hair accessories. Over the years, the styles have developed a lot and today, there is a variety of different types of rhinestone beads available on the market. What makes them so special is that they can be used for a variety of projects and not just jewelry designing. They are often used to embellish clothing, shoes, handbags, etc.

Rhinestone beads have a kind of brilliance and allure that is matched by only a few other types of beads. usually, what they appear to resemble are very costly and this makes rhinestones the best choice for jewelry designing. Women can get access to fine quality jewelry at really affordable prices. Whenever jewelry designers need to add something flashy to their pieces, the best choice they have is rhinestone beads. Although they are available at very low prices, they don’t make the jewelry look cheap. In fact, the make the jewelry look sophisticated and the wearer elegant. When they are used in the right way for example, with the right kind of metal, they can look very expensive. Today, most jewelry designers even use them with solid gold. They still look good and are much reasonably priced than diamond jewelry.

These beads have a kind of luster and shine that makes them perfect for imitating gemstones. Different colors, shapes and sizes of rhinestone beads are also often used to replicate precious stones. Generally, it is quite difficult to tell the difference between rhinestones and gemstones. It only takes an expert to distinguish the difference.

The sparkle of these beads makes them attract attention all the time and this is the reason they are not used in jewelry designing to fill spaces. Many other beads can be used as space fillers, but rhinestone is one that can never be used because they look so pretty and brilliant that it will always draw the focus of people towards it.

Different qualities of rhinestone beads are available on the market and if you are only looking for the highest quality, then you must shop from reputable stores. One online store that you can check out is Pandahall. They have an extensive selection of beads and everything you need to design your own jewelry.


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