An Introduction To Seed Beads

Riaz Remi

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Have you heard about seed beads? Perhaps you have already worked with them, but are not familiar with the name. Seed beads are those tiny little beads that many jewelry designers find hard to work with. Basically, these beads are so tiny that working with them consumes a lot of time, energy and effort. There are some designers who enjoy working with them regardless of how much time and energy they have to put in. The fact is that seed beads look very elegant when they are strung together to form a necklace, bracelet or any other type of body adornment.

Usually, a seed bead measures between 1 and 5 millimetres. There are some which are larger. When you shop for these beads, you will notice that their sizes are displayed in fractions of an inch. Because of their extremely small sizes, you will require lots of them to complete a project. You will need hundreds of these beads to create a single piece of jewelry item. They are available in many colors. There is a limit to the shapes they are available in. You will mostly find round or tubular shapes.

There is also a huge difference in the quality of seed beads produced today. So it is essential that you get hold of a seller that specializes in high quality beads only. Shopping online can be extremely beneficial for you because you can easily compare and choose between hundreds of different sellers. The online feedback system is a great way of finding out the reputation of a seller. You can search for reviews and choose a reputable seller who will provide you with quality beads only. Also, pay attention to the material that is used in their creation. In most cases, they are made from plastic and glass. Glass beads are better in terms of quality. Although they are slightly more costly than plastic beads, their appearance is more sophisticated and brilliant. You can also find seed beads which are made from other materials as well.

Seed beads can be used in crafting and jewelry designing. They can be used on numerous projects where there is a need for embellishment or adding a touch of sparkle. Most people prefer stitching them to clothes to enhance their look. It adds shine and sparkle to the area they are sewn onto. They can be used on collars, pockets, around the waist and neck and anywhere on the clothes that the designer wants to embellish.

When seed beads are used in jewelry designing, they can be used to complete the entire project or they can also be used as fillers. Jewelry designers can use these tiny beads to separate different components in a piece of jewelry such as two different kinds of beads or between a bead and a clasp or another finding.

If you are a crafter or a jewelry designer, seed beads are a great option for you and one of the best places where you can purchase them from is Pandahall.


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