A Look At Cabochons And How To Use Them

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You may have already heard about cabochons and how they have taken the jewelry designing world by storm. The word cabochon originates from a French word ‘caboche’ which means a small dome. This is the reason these stones are cut in a shape that look like a dome from the top. There are two main reasons why certain stones are cut in dome shapes rather than cut into facets. One of the reasons is that the stone is not strong enough to be cut into facets. The second reason is that there are some stones which have distinctive features and if they are cut in facets, they will lose their appeal. They are given dome shapes and are polished so they retain their distinctive features. One good example of this kind of stone is the cat’s eye.

Cabochons have a front top part and a bottom part and both the parts are not equal. The front part has a dome shape, but the bottom is flat. Polishing is done on the stones to make them resistant to scratches. When these stones are used in jewelry making, they make the pieces look very beautiful and elegant. Some cabochons are extremely elegant and they are used to make very sophisticated jewelry. Once again, the look and the appearance of the cabochons depend on the stone that is used in its creation. The material also influences the price of the stones.

The elliptical shape of the cabochons is very attractive, but the round ones tend to be more popular because they are suitable for almost every type of jewelry. When it comes to using cabochons, there are certain rules that must be followed. Since cabochons have flat backs, they cannot be attached directly onto the jewelry. You must make use of cabochon settings to first attach the stones to them and then use them in jewelry creations. Cabochon settings are made of metals and it allows the cabochon to sit perfectly on it. However, you must ensure that you buy the right size and shape of settings so the stone fits into it properly. One rule that you must follow when buying cabochons and settings is that you must buy the settings first. Depending on the size of the settings you choose, you can match them with the size of the stones. Doing this will ensure that you have chosen the right size of stones as well as the settings.

Since cabochons don’t have holes or anything that can be used to attach them to the settings, you will need to use a good adhesive to stick them together. You must allow them to dry for a couple of hours or overnight and then use them to create jewelry pieces.

Now that you know what cabochons are and how you can use them to create jewelry, you can consider buying them and incorporating them in your unique and stunning designs. You can check out the massive selection of cabochons at Pandahall. You can buy individual pieces or you can also get the best deals on wholesale cabochons.


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