A Look At The Types Of Modern Glass Beads

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If you are a jewelry designer or like to create jewelry as a hobby, you would have definitely used some sort of glass beads in your creations. The good thing about glass beads is that they are very popular and versatile. They are highly sought after by jewelry designers because of its characteristics and appearance. The fact that glass beads are highly affordable is another factor that contributes towards them being so popular. Today, there is an extensive selection of glass beads that are available for purchase. In this post, we will take a look at the different types of modern glass beads that you can include in your jewelry creations.

European style

There is a variety of European style beads available on the market. Most of them are very beautiful because they are made using some very complicated methods and tools. Some of the popular kinds include Pandora style beads and troll beads. These beads are quite large in size and they also have a chunky hole that allows for different thickness of wires to be threaded through. They mostly come in wheel shapes which is quite distinctive. Because of their size, they tend to be a little heavier than the other types of glass beads. But it is easy to identify European beads from regular ones because of their appearance and shape. These days, they are very fashionable and in huge demand. Gone are the days when European style beads were made by big companies only. Today, there are made by almost every manufacturer of glass beads and are available at very affordable prices. When used in charm bracelets, they act as very good space savers and they also prevent the charms come coming together and clashing.

Crystal beads

Another type of modern glass beads that we have today is crystal beads. They are a little expensive because they are made from polished glass. Crystal beads can even be made from colored or clear glass. They sparkle brilliantly thanks to the many facets that they cut into them. The angles are very carefully measured so they reflect the right amount of light and in the right direction so as to have a dramatic effect.

Seed beads

There are very small and delicate beads that are commonly used in crafting and embroidery work. They are also used in jewelry designing, but because of their extremely small sizes, they are not highly sought after by jewelry designers. Their small size makes them lightweight which is an advantage of using them in crafting and beading. Seed beads are the kind of glass beads which have been designed so they sparkle. They can be used in conjunction with other types of beads to create a unique effect.

Novelty beads

Glass is such a versatile material that it can also be used in the creation of novelty beads. it is possible to use novelty beads in a variety of different kinds of projects. They can come in the shape of teddy bears, roses, frogs and many others. Depending on the type and quantity of glass beads you need, one of the best places to search for them is Pandahall. It is an online store which carries all types of glass beads and supplies for making jewelry.


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