Some Things To Know About Seed Beads

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It can be quite interesting to work with seed beads because of their extremely small sizes. Although you need a lot of patience to work with these beads, you can be assured that your creations will be outstanding because these beads exude a type of beauty and elegance that no other beads do.

Seed beads are generally used in the creation of jewelry and they are also popular among crafters. They can be used to make anything from necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings and earrings. You will also find that many people use them to embellish accessories and items of clothing such as handbags, purses, shoes, scarves, stoles, skirts, tops, etc. The beads are generally very small in size and this is the reason they have not been able to undergo any sort of major change in the years. The changes that have taken place are mainly related to their color and pattern. Regardless of the fact that seed beads have not undergone any major changes, they remain beautiful and durable. They can be used in the creation of any kind of jewelry and they can fit into any style that is desired by the jewelry designer.

During the 13th century, these beads were popularly used in beadwork. European jewelry in those days mainly comprised of seed beads which were made from pearls, glass and corals. From that time, they have increased in popularity and they remain popular till date. During the 1800s, the seed beads were used in the creation of jewelry by Plains Indians. They used these beads in jewelry making and crafting as well. the most interesting part is that the jewelry that the Plains Indians created were not used by them for self adornment.

In fact they used the jewelry to trade for other goods. This was known as the barter system where one tribe would exchange their goods with another tribe. You will find that seed beads are available in many different sizes and colors. They can be made from different materials as well. They are great for expert jewelry designers to use in fine jewelry creations. But beginners can also use them and a feel of how it is like to incorporate such tiny elements in their pieces. One of the good things about them is that they are extremely affordable. They are widely available as well meaning that you can buy them from your craft store locally or you can purchase them online.

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