How To Choose Glass Beads For Jewelry Making

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Glass beads are one of the very first accents that were used in the creation of jewelry. During the ancient civilization, men used a variety of found objects in the creation of beads. They would drill holes into the objects and use a stringing material to string the beads together which they would then use as body adornments. Over the years, men perfected their skills and this gave rise to more and more jewelry making supplies such as beads, findings and tools.

Today, there are many artisans who have dedicated themselves for making beads only. It is not surprising to see that the jewelry making market today is flooded with all sorts of beads and supplies. In fact, artisans have started to create beads from a variety of materials. When it comes to glass beads, they are also created from various types of glass and using various types of techniques to produce unique glass beads. Because there is a huge selection of glass beads available on the market, it can be daunting to pick the right ones for your needs. The confusion usually arises as a result of lack of knowledge about the different types and varieties which are available. So here’s a look at some of the things that you can look at when choosing glass beads.


There are a number of factors that make up their type and it usually comes from the distinct style of the artisan that created it. When you are shopping for glass beads, you should be mindful of the different types available on the market. Some of the ones you can consider include pressed glass, lampwork, blown, millefiori, vintage and other types of glass.


How the beads are made dictate their appearance and there are many features which are available in these beads which you must look at before making the purchasing decision. Some of these features include the color of the beads, pattern and texture. The most obvious feature is the color, however, you must pay a careful attention to the texture and pattern as well. The pattern is determined by the technique which is used in its creation. They can include specific shapes, streaks, etc. On the other hand, the texture has to do with how smooth or rough the beads are. Some beads are smooth while others have points and ridges.


Glass is a delicate object, but when they are used to make things like beads, they are treated to become resistant to breaking. Not all glass beads are the same quality and not all of them are as fragile as the other. Some are more fragile and are prone to breaking easily. You must consider the overall fragility of the glass beads if you are planning to create jewelry that you will be using on a regular basis. Choosing sturdy glass is a better option because it will help you create jewelry that will last long.

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