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As with any toy used by toddlers, inflatable bounce houses can be subjected to a lot of abuse. Because these toys are expensive to replace, it is often much more cost effective to repair them with a vinyl bounce house repair patch kit.

Besides selling new inflatable bounce houses, Bounce House Play also sells a vinyl repair patch kit that bounce house owners can use to make repairs themselves. This inexpensive kit, which costs less then $20, is very simple to apply and provides an effective patch that will hold air for months and even years.

Vinyl repair patches are typically best used on small holes or tears. The small hole or tear is first prepped with a cleaning solution, dried, and then a vinyl patch applied. After curing for about an hour, the inflatable bounce house is once again ready for children to use.

Because the weight of many bounce houses can exceed seventy-five pounds, saving on the shipping to a qualified repair facility is often more then enough to cover the cost of a vinyl repair patch kit. Since a properly applied vinyl patch will expand and contract with the inflatable, these patches are extremely durable and effective.

It is important to note that there are a couple of different types of inflatable repair kits on the market. Since most consumer purchased bounce houses are made from vinyl, a vinyl repair patch kit must be used. Using another type of inflatable repair patch will not allow for the rapid expansion and contraction that kids jumping inside an inflatable bounce house will produce.

To avoid holes and rips in a bounce house, the Bounce House Play company recommends inflating bounce houses on a surface clear of debris. Also, children must remove any jewelry, belts, shoes and other objects which may cause a puncture. Additionally, all weight limits specified by the bounce house manufacturer should be followed. But even with the best care, accidents may occur. Bounce house owners that have a vinyl repair patch kit available will be able to perform a fast DIY repair so that the kids do not miss any of the bouncy fun.


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