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Much has been written about diamonds and they have been a popular topic of conversation all around the world. Some diamonds have a large place in our world's history and have found their place among both the powerful and the lowly.

Royalty, celebrities, the very rich and even the lowly have had a long standing fascination with diamonds. They have been a prominent object in many religions and belief system down through the centuries, and have been worn as much for protection and good favor as they have for adornment.

Down through the centuries diamonds have been found in the armor of great warriors and in the crowns of royalty to symbolize wealth, superiority and fearlessness.

The Mountain of Light

One of the rare oval shaped diamonds of fame, the “mountain of light” weighed in at the astonishing weight of 186 carats and first came to be mentioned in the year 1304. This diamond is said to have been set in the peacock throne of Shah Jehen to form the eye of one of the peacocks.

During the reign of Queen Victoria, this very rare famous diamond underwent an alteration in shape and it was recut to a weight of 108.93 carats. Currently this diamond is among the British Crown Jewels.

The Orloff

At the time the Orloff diamond was discovered, it is claimed that it weighed a hefty 300 carats. This hefty famous gemstone is housed at the Diamond Treasury in the former Soviet Union and is located in Moscow.

One story concerning the Orloff tells of the diamond actually being placed as the eye of a god, in the temple of Sri Rangen, and accounts for it's place and fame as one of the world's most famous diamonds.

The Regent

The regent began as a diamond weighing in at 410 carats before if was cut. It was originally known as “The Pitt" named for the English Prime Minister, William Pitt. In it's new rounded shape, after cutting, it still consisted of more than 140 carats.

In 1717, the diamond was sold to the Duke of Orleans, Regent of France. This is when it took on it's new name and was called The Regent. This stone was set into a crown for Louis XV for his coronation.

At the close of the French Revolution, “The Regent" was owned by Napoleon Bonaparte, and it was placed into the hilt of Bonaparte's sword.

The diamond is currently on display in the Louvre, for all to see and enjoy.

The Blue Hope

The most famous of all the well known diamonds, The Blue Hope can be viewed at the Smithsonian Institute. It was formerly owned by Louis XIV, and was referred to at that time as ‘the blue diamond of the crown’.

The Blue Hope Diamond was stolen sometime in the midst of the French Revolution. It was discovered in the year 1830, in London, and was was purchased later by Henry Phillip Hope. It was from Henry Phillip Hope that The Blue Hope Diamond acquired it's name along with the reputation for creating bad luck to it's owners. Each member in Hope's family died in extreme poverty during his ownership.

Bad luck seemed to follow the stone, as the later owner of the Blue Hope, Mr Edward McLean would see much personal tragedy to members of his family during his ownership.

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