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Gerri D Smith

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We all view the world based upon our past experiences, beliefs, prejudices, needs and emotional states. - Dr. Joe Rubino

How do you view the world of fashion? No two persons, think, dress, or feel the same way about fashions. So, how would you build a wardrobe based on your awareness of what feels right to you? What is an acceptable fashion style to you? Your style may not be the same as that of a close relative, your neighbor or a co-worker.

How do you sort the clothing in your wardrobe? By the colors you like? By the different seasons? By your fabric choices? Or, by your style? Any one of these arrangements is acceptable. And since the items in a basic wardrobe are usually made up of a small number of clothes that can be mixed and matched with each other, a commitment to careful planning is required.

A commitment to do the bare minimum of actions everyday toward keeping your clothing in wearable, tip-top shape is essential. And being consistent in your daily wardrobe care is a worthwhile achievement. Here are a few points to consider.

o Sorting by Your Color Choices

Aside from having a closet full of clothing in your favorite color, the basic colors are black, brown, neutrals (like, tan gray and beige), and navy. These basic colors can be worn and contrasted with white and most other light shades of color.

Since black is considered the most basic of the colors, it needs the most care to keep it looking fresh and elegant. When wearing black, make sure your make-up is glowing and cheerful.

The warm and rich color of brown flatters the skin and hair. The many shades of brown may not all be worn together, and requires caution in matching the different tones.

Clothing in the neutral colors must be carefully coordinated when worn with other colors. The shades appear delicate when combined with darker colors.

Navy combines well when worn with red, lavender or pink, gold, and is perfect with white.

o Sorting by Seasons

This is an easy one. The four major changes are: fall, winter, spring, and summer. Most of us divide our clothing into two groups. Fall and winter wear can be grouped together, and the spring and summer wear grouped together. Old items can be replaced as each new season begins.

o Sorting by Fabric Choices.

Most of your fabrics are selected by seasons or the climate. As often as possible, choose versatile, easy care fabrics that you can wear all year round. These would include your lightweight wools, denims, jerseys, and all natural fibers like silks and cottons. And when selecting your fabric choices, always buy good quality. Quality fabrics wear well and last much longer.

o Sorting by Styles

Your style is determined by your personality, your individual taste, and what looks good on you. No matter what style you choose, your clothing must reflect your sense of self-esteem or confidence. And always match your style to the occasion for which you wear it.

The colors, the fabrics, and your style make up the largest and most important parts of your fashion wardrobe. Not too many women can afford to have a completely new wardrobe every season. So, in order to be fashionable and savvy from one season to the next, stick with the basic colors in your coats, dresses, pants and suits. Then you can always add an updated top, scarf or accessory to be savvy in your style.

Gerri creates fashions for those who love to dress for elegant evenings. Elegance is about style, glamour, and sophistication. And it is found where beauty and style intersect with your imagination. Go to,


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