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While plus size clothing is prevalent nowadays for adults – especially adult women – it’s extremely difficult to find for children. What’s not well understood is just how many overweight children there are and how vast the children’s plus size clothing market it.

Newsweek recently reported that about 13 percent of children under 18 are overweight or even suffering from obesity, as opposed to the five percent that were overweight in 1964. The report also stated an expectation for this trend to accelerate, with an expectation that one in three children will be overweight in the coming years.

Of course, the ideal is for these children to lose weight but this happens at a slow pace and in the meantime they suffer from harassment, and prejudice from peers and even adults.

Children’s obesity and image experts recommend that parents not let their overweight children hide out in oversized sweatshirts or T-shirts and baggy pants. These, say the experts, are not flattering, not socially cool for them, and just look sloppy. Their recommendation for plus size clothing for these kids is flare or boot cut pants. While children should be able to pick their own styles and colors to a large extent, their choices should be flattering too. Bare midriffs, a-la-Britney-spears won’t look good on a young girl suffering from obesity.

If kids are trying to be cool there are many cool accessories they can don even wearing plus size clothing. Jewelry, shoes, purses, backpacks and so forth are available no matter what their size. Because larger and fuller plus size clothing can look sloppier at times, it is important that children who are overweight or suffering from obesity keep their plus size clothing clean, free of rips and tears, and ironed. This will help their self image.

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