Myth #4 - The More You Do, The Better You'll Do


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By nature, entrepreneurs are more action-oriented and idea-rich than others. For the most part, these are good traits. However, they often act as a catalyst for crossing the line and heading straight for lack of focus, prioritization and the ever-common doing-it, doing-it, doing-it rut.

Let’s face it, most of us feel like we have way too many things to do every day… a belief that is exacerbated by owning/operating a small business! Couple that with the pervading notions that “If I’m not working, I’m not worthy" and/or that rapid growth necessitates doing even more, you’ve got real problems. Why, I bet you even know of some people who think that if they just work harder and longer at anything, they’ll eventually make it! This is hooey.

And please don’t leap to another erroneous conclusion – I am not advocating a “get-rich-without-working" scheme. Far from it… There are few overnight successes… If you think you know of one, do some research. In all likelihood, you’ll discover their instant victory came from taking advantage of an opportunity they were poised and ready to accept… and this comes only after hard work, focus, planning and action.

In order to develop a sound strategy, which we all know is critical to the success of your business; you must learn what’s important to do, and what’s not. I love the analogy of a garden hose… If you turn it on, full power water goes everywhere, and you won’t even be able to get a small cup. However, if you turn it down to a trickle you’ll much more able to handle what you need.

Classic Symptoms of a Myth #4 Believer They…

  • Like to tell you about the long hours they work

  • Are into" all kinds of different “businesses"

  • Have a very long ‘to-do’ list and no ‘not-to-do’ list

  • Don’t understand the 80/20 rule and waste time acquiring and retaining unprofitable customers

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