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In his great book The Master Key to Riches, Napoleon Hill describes the 12 great riches of life. Hill’s philosophy defines riches within a broad framework that includes a Positive Mental Attitude, the capacity for faith and a labor of love among others. The one I want to dwell on is what he calls An Open mind on all Subjects Hill explains this quality in the following words

Tolerance, which is among the highest attributes of culture, is expressed only by the person who holds an open mind on all subjects at all times. And it is only the man with an open mind who becomes truly educated and who is thus prepared to avail himself of the greater riches of life.

This is great wisdom indeed and it can move you many a mile ahead in life.

In 19999 I attended the First International Conference of Young Leaders in the Republic of China on Taiwan. The theme song of the conference was a record by Schunza entitled Open Up. In this song is great wisdom that could push you very far beyond your expectations in your journey to success. Read and re-read following lyrics and learn the great wisdom they contain

Open your heart and open your mind, Open your thought, don’t stay behind. The once-dreamt world is lying before your eyes; Be courageous in search of the true feelings you have longed for. Free yourself and you will be doing alright. Open up! My heart is flying, And around us hope is hovering. We should keep forward marching, For the world sees no binding.

When I came to the US one of the things I reviled most was audio books. I thought, alright Americans are good and innovative but I think they took this one too far and so I resolved never to buy or listen to an audio book because what peeved me most was an inscription I saw at the entrance of a store which read Bookears and I almost cursed upon seeing what appeared to me as a crazy term because it immediately created a mental picture of a book with ears…

But friend it’s important to have an open mind. A distinguished coach Mike Litman says in his unleash your greatness philosophy an affirmation “I will invest in myself like never before” and please affirm this right away before you proceed…

Congrats for saying that affirmation out loud! Well with a negative mental attitude, I thought that mike was programming me to buy his own self development products. But on a second thought I decided to open up and then I started investing more in self help inspirational products and this has tremendously impacted my life in more ways than I can explain in this short newsletter. What’s more interesting is that I have speeded up my learning much faster by using audio books in addition to my daily reading schedule.

In parting, my dear friend, I shall I suggest that you open up! Keep your mind open and learn to see opportunities, this idea fits well with PMA philosophy of W. Clement Stone.


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