How To Reduce Anxiety When Affirmations Don't Work


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Have you ever read that you should think positively when you are feeling anxious?

Have you ever been told to argue back when you have negative thoughts?

*How’s that working for you?*

*Why do affirmations only sometimes produce results?*

Because as we argue back to our negative and irrational thoughts, we don’t always believe the new things we are telling ourselves.

What we really believe is our original thoughts – the thoughts that have led us to feel anxiety in the first place.

The other reason that affirmation sometimes produce limited results is that we might not really believe that saying the affirmations will create change in our lives.

*So why do affirmations come so highly recommended?*

*How are these affirmations supposed to work?*

If you can get yourself to begin to believe them, if you can begin to see a kernel of truth in what you are saying, then affirmations may help you to install new, more helpful beliefs.

New beliefs!

That is the key to permanently and more positively changing how we feel and react to the world around us.

There is a difference between what we really believe and all of the infinite number of possible thoughts that we are capable of thinking – which we may or may not believe.

It is the thoughts that we really believe that seem to possess the power.

Rather than the thoughts that are positive yet not believable.

Our beliefs are the source of the actions we take. We act ultimately based on what we believe to be true.

It is possible to use affirmations to bring a conscious effort to alter our actions.

But if we do not believe that this new perspective or thought that we are affirming is going to be effective, then we will revert back to what we really believe beneath the self-imposed, positive thoughts.

If you can begin to agree with the thoughts and affirmations you are feeding yourself, you will begin to act from them. And you will indeed be in the process of changing your beliefs.

*It can be done through affirmations*

But what’s the key?

There has to be something in there that you believe, that you can see as true in some way.

It probably won’t work if you see the affirmations as touchy-feely mumbo-jumbo.

*The caveat for anxiety sufferers*

For anxiety sufferers, however, the affirmation process may have a limited and disappointing effect.

Here’s why:

If we go into a social situation where we normally feeling significant amounts of anxiety and try to affirm our way through the experience, old beliefs may very easily strong arm our fragile, new, positive thoughts. And create a nerve-wracking experience.

And, as a result of this nerve-wracking experience, affirmations will look like a very ineffective tool.

It is in the deeper realm of our beliefs that the power for having a permanently altered, more calm experience lies.

Go there and see a difference in your feelings of anxiety!

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