Motivation: Do You Got Game?

Jeff Herring

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So what's the size of your game? For what in your life do you have a burning passion? What are you hungry for?

How much passion do you bring to your life? Here are three categories, only one of which you want to live in.

People approach the things they want in life in one of three ways:

I want to want to

These people give some kind of intellectual assent to the notion of change. It looks like “Yeah, that's something I should do" or “It sure would be nice if. "

Don't count on any change here.

I want to

This is a little bit better than I want to want to, but not much. Here you will find a lot of lip service about change.

I must

Things happen here.

Actions are taken, and progress is made.

The state of “I must" means that change must happen, no matter what.

To what in your life can you bring that same kind of passionate commitment? How big is your game? How big would you like it to be? Could it be your marriage, your family, your job, even a hobby?

Next question. What are you waiting for?

The answer is, nothing of any significance.

Just one more question — what's stopping you?

The answer is usually yourself.

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