When Are You Going To Welcome Yourself Home?

Piercarla Garusi

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I was working recently with a client who was undergoing difficult moments in his life as he realized that he had not been true to himself in his life, particularly with the people he loved, and this filled him with regret.

Each one of us is unique, a masterpiece of talents, qualities and characteristics. There has never been, there is not, and there will never be, another you.

Once, in a workshop, I asked the audience if they knew who they really were, and some people said: ‘I haven't got a clue who I am; this question scares me’. That is completely understandable, because we are not taught about our uniqueness at school, but rather encouraged to conform. Somehow we are numbed by society, and we are lead to believe that we need to be, or behave in, a certain way in order to be accepted or to be ‘cool’.

Maybe you have found these pressures from society to be a negative influence, and you suffer from social anxiety, being afraid of what people think, afraid of being judged, afraid that there is something wrong in being you. If so this is simply because you know you are different, and you are simply not appreciating it yet. Let me tell you something: the fact that you know you are different is a sign that you know deep inside that you are unique; you just need to learn to love yourself for who you are.

Or maybe you enjoy conforming to society, you like to be trendy, but is that the real you? Wouldn't it be more fulfilling for you to discover the really extraordinary being you truly are? Can't it happen, as in the case of the client I mentioned before, that by following society's trends you end up losing the most precious thing you have got, yourself?

If I were to ask you: what is the most important relationship you have in your life, what would you answer?

The answer is you. Why? Because you will spend your entire life with yourself, guaranteed!

And you are the only person who can make you feel confident and happy, who can give you value, who can raise your self-esteem. If you have a negative relationship with yourself, the chances are that you will become depressed.

Your happiness depends on knowing yourself, on being yourself, treating yourself well, loving yourself, loving the way you are, and living your life on your own terms: you decide who you are and what you are going to do; you decide your values and code of conduct. This is your freedom, your power: your power of choice.

So, by being true to yourself and your values, by being yourself, you are going on a journey of self-discovery towards the knowledge of your unique wonderful soul.

So, when are you going to welcome yourself home?

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Piercarla Garusi is a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, Director of PG Coaching Ltd. She is passionate about helping people unleash their power, overcome depression, anxiety, social anxiety, fear, anger, traumas, emotional abuse and just be well and feel good. She is also passionate about helping people connect with their souls and be the extraordinary person they truly are, develop their spirituality and create a life that makes them truly happy.


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