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It may sometimes be difficult to determine a specific goal, for example if you want to invent a new product. However, you can be specific about what that product might achieve for your organization or for your clients. In addition, you can specify the number of concepts you wish to invent, which can then be explored further.

Once you know your goal, you can experiment with ways of achieving it. If you pay attention to the results and responses you get to your actions, you can then check whether your actions are moving you closer to realizing your goal. If the effect of your actions is not what you want, you can then modify your actions.

In order to follow through with goals and tasks, we need to be committed to them. One way of ensuring commitment is to look at a task from a number of different angels in order to ensure that we really want to do it-these are called the conditions for a well-formed outcome.

There are some conditions for a well-formed outcome.

1. Positive-what do you want?: State your goal in the positive direction. Moving towards a desired goal and not away from something undesirable.

2. Achievement-how will you know you have succeeded?: How will you know that you have achieved your outcome?, What will you be seeing, hearing and feeling? Get really specific.

3. Specific context-in what context do you want this outcome?: When do you want it or when you don't want it? With whom do you want it? With whom might it not be appropriate?

4. Ownership-can you start and maintain this outcome?: What can you do directly to achieve your outcome?, What is your under control or what is not?

5. Resources-who or what is available to help you?: What personal qualities and skills do you have to help you achieve your goal?, who else might be able to help you?

6. Consequences-if you could have it tomorrow, would you keep it? : What will happen if you get your outcome?, How much time and effort will this outcome take?

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