It Doesn't Take Long To Become An Expert in The Law of Attraction

Rebecca Hanson

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One of our Faculty, Christine Edick, has been the keynote speaker for several conferences for people in the ‘career transition’ industry. She received this short story, from one of the attendees, which demonstrates how easy it is to understand the Law of Attraction and to teach it to others.

I have a client-a great guy in technology marketing-who was out of work for 18 months! Great networker, lots of interviews, was always the last of a few candidates, but never got the offer. He was at his wits end and ready to work for a car dealership.

He recently got an interview for a job that he really wanted and seemed to impress the people (as he had done many times with others). He told me about it and I told him about the law of attraction information I learned from you at the conference.

I said why not try. . . what had he to lose at this point. I counseled him to think as though he was already working there, LOVED his job, the people, the company, couldn't wait to get to work every day and contribute. To imagine he'd been there for months, his routine was in place, relationships built, good stuff done with more to come.

He said he'd do it and he did. And he got the job! He's ecstatic and is preaching the law of attraction to all his friends.

So thanks, because of what I learned from you, he finally feels productive, happy, and alive again, AND I'm a hero. . . he even sent me flowers!

Rebecca is leading a training course for Coaches, Therapists, Nurses and other Professionals who are ready to make a paradigm shift within themselves (a change from one way of thinking to another) to better serve their clients or patients.


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The Law of Attraction - Will Setting Goals Ignite The Law Of Attraction
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