The Power Of The Edge

Rebbie Straubing

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Reality has no edge. In fact, that’s how we recognize it. If it has an edge, it’s not reality.

A movie on a big screen draws you into its reality immediately. Once you lose your awareness of the edge of the screen, the film becomes your world. A world with no edge becomes reality. For an even more extreme experience of a simulated no-edge-reality, try on some virtual reality goggles. They fill your entire visual field right up to the edge and so we put the word “reality” into the name of that technology. We don’t usually get this shift in reality from watching a TV screen. The edge of the screen is always visible and constantly whispers, “What you are watching is not real. ” It’s all about the edge.

Your visual field acts as your movie screen. The genius of its design is that you can’t see the edge. Your focus is forward. Way out at the edge your awareness blurs into unconsciousness. Since we are usually unaware of any edge, we think what we see is reality. How you relate to the edge of your visual field, the edge of your consciousness, the edge of your world becomes crucially important if you are interested in taking an intentionally creative role in your own reality. Consciousness evaluates reality by any situation’s relationship to the edge.

So, the edge has the power to make things seem unreal. And “edgelessness” is the key ingredient in reality. We can use this information in many powerful ways as we move through life’s contrasting offerings.

To Edge or Not to Edge

You have a choice about the edge in every moment. Putting an edge on anything makes it finite and less than reality. Ignoring the edge of your awareness of the same thing makes it endless and gives it the feel of reality.

Your dream ends when you wake up. That is its edge. Before you wake up you think it is real. Once you wake up you experience its edge and it doesn’t feel real anymore. You say it was just a dream (not reality). The movie ends at the edge of the screen or after the credits roll. When you encounter its edge in space or in time you remember it is just a movie (not reality).

Realizing the power of the edge gives you the ability to diminish or augment the perceived reality of anything you are living. If something unwanted feels real and immovable, you can begin to loosen its hold on you. If something wonderful feels tentative and unsure, you can fortify its reality. It’s all a matter of where you place your edge.

Saying Goodbye to Unwanted Realities

Abraham has told us there is no such thing as exclusion. * You can’t stop thinking about something by trying to stop thinking about it because then you are thinking about it. What if there is something that looms so large in your experience, that feels so real and so unwanted, that you can’t seem to turn your attention away from it? You can begin to diminish its power in your life by working with its edge. As you notice its edge, you weaken its grip on your awareness. Having done this, you may be able to turn easily away from it sooner than you would have imagined possible.

Whether you are lost in an unwanted financial reality, a relationship crisis or any other seemingly real situation, you can “unreal” it by determining its edge and paying more attention to what is beyond that edge than what is inside it. Anything that has an edge has something beyond it. That is where the potential for a whole new reality lives within your creative consciousness. Until you realize the edge of your unwanted situation, you may feel hopeless. Once you see the unwanted reality as finite with infinite possibility right over the line, you take back your power in that situation.

What seemed like an immovable reality begins to feel more like a little story – one story out of many possible stories. This shift in consciousness will allow you to begin creating a whole new desirable reality on the subject of finances or relationship or in any other area of your life. This simple shift makes it all not only possible, but likely.

Creating Wanted Realities

If putting an edge on reality diminishes it to a little story, then taking the edge off a little story can lift it to the status of reality. Can this really be possible? You can experiment with it and see for yourself. Here’s how you do it:

Find something that you would absolutely love to live as your reality. Then imagine it without an edge.

That means imagine it as absolutely true. If you find any place in your consciousness where you are aware that this is just a story, that awareness is an edge. Go past that. Infuse every inch, mile and light-year of your consciousness with the knowing that this desired reality is real, true. Keep going until you are completely unaware of any edge. In this case, doubt would be an edge. Awareness of a conflicting sense of reality would be an edge. Let your desired reality completely fill your movie screen. Let it permeate your entire field of vision. Let it be all you know. Do this on a regular basis. See what happens.

You can begin by playing a game with this notion of the edge. Start becoming aware of which stories in your life are so big that they have no edge. See if these are stories that you want to be your reality. If not, you now know what to do about it. Happy edging.

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