Improve Your Self-Confidence Through Mistakes And Failure


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I know you’re probably wondering how this is possible. “How can I improve my self-confidence if I always fail and make mistakes? How am I supposed to feel if I fail? I always feel guilty, broke, disappointed, and afraid of another failure. I think of myself as a looser. I think I will never do this thing again!”

Does it sound like you? Then this article would be very useful. Let’s find out what is failure and mistake for real. How should we feel about it? How could we overcome these situations?

First of all, I want to say that everyone, I mean absolutely everyone: no matter young or old, man or woman, every boss and every employee - everyone can fail. You are not alone in it. The failure is a method humans have chosen to develop and explore the outer world. If you do not fail you are staying on the same level of development. If you want to ride a bicycle, you have to fall once, then twice, then may be you will realize how to ride it. You’ll get this habit and never fall again. Making mistakes is just a learning process we all do.

Why are we afraid to fail? The answer is simple - because we always tend to compare ourselves to others and are afraid of being judged. When we begin doing something new, we mostly compare ourselves with professionals. We feel like we could never achieve that level of skill. Of course, it is not true. If others can achieve your goal you can do it too. Another thing to remember is that the way you are going to do the particular task can not be compared with someone else. You are unique, and so is what you do.

We are also afraid to fail because we are scared that we are going to be judged by our friends or family. Remember how at school when you got an “A” everybody had praised you. On the other hand if you got a “C” or a lower grade, your parents had been mad at you. Since that time if you do something right you feel great, and if not you feel guilty and sad, because no one is going to appreciate what you have done.

The truth is - we don’t have to wait for praise and appreciation. We do not need to get people’s approval for what we want to do. We do not have to fulfill someone’s expectations. The only thing we have to do is do what we really enjoy and what we think is good for us to do. People with high self-confidence never give up on their dreams. They do not wait for someone else’s approval. What other people think is none of their business. And they know that if they fail all they have to do is to learn from their mistake and try again. When you accept this concept in your mind your self-confidence will increase.

To overcome any failure in your life you should accept that failure is happening because on some level you were not prepared to accomplish the task you have chosen. Every little failure happens for a reason. It helps you realize what you have done wrong in the selected task. It prevents you from the bigger failure or even disaster.

Every time you fail you get the time to think through what was wrong with the method you have chosen and how to improve it. Remember Emerson who invented the first bulb? How many mistakes had he made before he achieved the result he wanted? Imagine if he had given up on his dream.

I want you to remember that you fail only when you quit. It is only your method that fails. Your dreams never fail, your personality never fails. You just learn to become a greater person, smarter, wiser and stronger. Remember - every time you fail or make mistake your self-confidence should increase, because you had enough courage to try. You acted, because you wanted to find out what is going to happen. You tried to explore the world you live in.

Keep trying! Never give up on your dreams! Remember - the more mistakes you make, the closer you are to fulfill you desires. Hang on. The miracles are about to happen.


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