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There is a strange people in the Middle of Europe. Like a mystic island in the center of the big ocean.

Ten millions of them are dwelling in their homeland, in the Carpathian base and five millions have been uprooted and scattered to all around the world. Though most of the latter ones today live in so called democracies, but feel like a second class subjects missing the feelings of security and love want coming from their fellow countrymen.

They are reticent and lonely at home and abroad as well. They could not help it, but do not prefer to be stigmatized by the world as “Huns or barbers". Besides, both of them are wrong or lies. There is no evidence relating the first one and no excuse for the second.

Ironically the false image could be thanked to some Hungarians, who have openly and proudly proclaimed their alleged Hun origin. (Hun was one of the most cruel clan have ever been carried by the world). It is understandable they have been desperately sought for their identity during centuries under the continuous foreign oppression. On the other hand it is incomprehensible why groups of Hungarians proclaim and emphasize something which is not true, plus it shows them and a whole nation to its worst disadvantages.

Anyway, the Hungarians are Hungarians, not Huns and Garians. They are human beings and they want to belong to a world in which they could feel warm, love and safe.

In the spiritual realm nations need what individuals do: walking down the road according to the ancient remedy: salvation, repentance and forgiveness. It is their assignment from God. Yours one to bless and wish them that they find the true Living God, His Rod and the leaders who could hold it firmly.


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