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Diana Long

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Want to boost your productivity and personal effectiveness? Feel more clarity, focus and be purpose- driven? Read on to find out how. Let’s begin by doing a comparison of your brain to your computer. Just as your computer has the capacity to download, search for information, process, and create new files so does our magnificent brain. What happens, though, when we run several programs and attempt to multitask at the same time? Typically, our computer will freeze up or begin to act very strangely indeed. This sounds familiar doesn't it? Well, in the same ways our computer demonstrates “overload" so do we as human beings. As we push ourselves to the “psychic RAM limit", we find ourselves acting a bit like our overworked computer! We make more mistakes, lose things, or sometimes literally shut down. Unfortunately there’s not the trusty “ Best Buy Geek Squad” that will come to defrag our life!

It is impossible to do consistent, excellent work when our minds are full of competing information, new ideas, and nagging thoughts of problems to be solved. Fresh ideas, brilliant solutions and clarity of focus can only occur when our personal operation systems are in peak performance mode. Peak performance mode requires an Empty Head. . . . .

So what's an Empty Head? It sounds a bit counter- intuitive, doesn't it? An Empty Head is simply this, a clear mind, uncluttered by thousands of fragmented, incomplete thoughts. My request of you? Get those rowdy, unrelated thought fragments out of your head, pronto! Okay, I can just hear you say, that all sounds well and good, Diana, but how could one possibly create this clear-mind in today's hectic information laden world? As with any new habit we wish to acquire, awareness of what we want to change is the first element, then comes making the necessary adjustments over a period of time( 21 days is the typical amount of time it takes to really get into a new pattern of behavior. )

Here are 3 simple things to do to “Empty Your Head”

1. Do a Morning Brain Cleanse- Every morning, take 10 minutes to write everything that comes into your mind. Write it down on paper. No editing or judging allowed! This exercise is designed to release all that miscellaneous “stuff” out of your head. It feels great, try it! You will experience greater clarity once you adopt this habit.

2. Clean up your Personal Environment- We have way too much physical clutter and material possessions. Time to let go of what you no longer need or use! Your personal work space should be clean, clear and inspirational for you to do your best work.

3. Manage Your Emails-. People waste so much time with e-mails, it’s really insane! Update your spam filters pronto. Hire an assistant to be the “gatekeeper”of your emails. Use the phone! Sometimes a conversation can be more effective.

Enjoy your new found time and freedom not that you’ve discovered how to “empty your head”!

Success Coach and Speaker, Diana Long, is the President of the Life Design Institute. Diana can help you transform your dreams into reality and give you the shortcuts to success with her variety of life-changing programs and products. Learn more about Diana and receive your Free Report, ” How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes that Women Make to Sabotage their Success” and Free subscription to “Life Design Secrets” e-newsletter, please visit http://www.DianaLong.com


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