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Who is the smartest cookie in the box?

No you say, it changes based on the area of expertise. Our vote is for Roy H. Williams of Monday Morning Memo, and he just proved it again today.

His Surprising Broca stands for being original in speech (brains ignore repetitious and boring stuff) and print and is a previous scientific winner. The guy is truly a man before his time. Takes scientific research and converts it to practice use for life and business.

Proof For Skeptics

We went to the original research paper published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – January 7, 2007, by Karl Szpunar, professor at Washington University, St. Louis. Their scientific track record for valid and lucid research is A-1, while other universities will print stuff the dead-cat dragged in because for them it is Publish-or-Perish. We call them slackers and their work lax.

RHW says: a homo sapiens can take no action until he/she has first mentally imagined it (fMRI proof). Influence, persuasion and conviction occur only after he/she creates a picture on the movie-screen on the mind of using and enjoying your service or product.

The How of it

Key idea: Memory and future thoughts and behaviors are linked.

a) Create a mental image by remembering a specific success and happiness in your past. Remember how you felt getting your first new car? First kiss?

b) Mentally see yourself performing feats of accomplishment in the future. Can you imagine yourself being congratulated by the CEO and handed a bonus of $50,000? Getting an A+ on the final exam?

c) This mental strategy applies to exams, presentations, studying and

interviews. Add relationships and playing golf like Tiger Woods. Google: Mirror Neuron research.

d) What if you never had a positive experience to remember? That is why they call it imagination and creative imaging. Make it up with details so vivid it becomes a long-term memory you can retrieve at will.

e) Old expression: the way you practice is the way you behave. And it applies to athletics, recreational sports, music and closing a sale.

Neural Substrates of Envisioning The Future

Does it hurt your cerebral cortex to read that headline? It does mine.

That is the title of Dr. Szpunar original article in the Academy of Sciences.

Get this: One set of brain structures (the left lateral premotor cortex; left

precuneus; and the right posterior cerebellum) was more active under fMRI

(functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery) when mentally visualizing the

future. It reinforces the previous research on mentally visualizing your

bodily images before an athletic event used by professional experts.

Just remember motor imagery of bodily movements and the term Visual-

Spatial Contexts. It means homo sapiens see their future behaviors linked to

their past experiences.

Terminating Negative And Traumatic Experiences

There are millions of citizens who are seriously depressed (affecting our

ability to function) by past life experiences in fighting in the Iraq war, seeing

the traumatic illness of a loved one or career failure.

The use of creative mental visualization often eliminates this negative long-

term memories and their conscious feelings of stress, guilt and blood-

stopping fear. Negative imagery has a direct affect on the activity of our

immune systems (Natural Killer immune system – Thymus immune system

and Bone Marrow immune system) organs, glands and hormones.

1. Sit down, hands on knees, feet flat on floor, and close your eyes.

2. Take a deep breath and see vertically (on exhaling) the numbers 1-1-1.

A second deep breath and see, imagine and visualize vertically 2-2-2.

Third deep breath and on exhaling see 3-3-3 vertically.

3. Mentally (silently) say – I am now in Alpha cycles per second.

4. Mentally visualize on the left-side of your mental movie screen your traumatic disturbance (bugaboo negativity) as best you can.

5. Now mentally visualize on the right-side of the same image a positive experience or your goal. Both images remain simultaneously on the movie screen of your mind.

6. Make your positive target goal move from right-to-left and eat up the traumatic imagery. In a second or two the only remaining picture in

is the positive that makes you feel just great.

7. Do this two-minute strategy twice a day for a week and you will extinguish the depressing day-mares permanently. When it goes so does your fear, anxiety and stress.

8. To strengthen your new APTs (Automatic Positive Thinking) slap the side of your leg immediately after merging the images leaving only the positive one.

Simultaneously and mentally say-and-hear the expression – Let-it-Go (referring to the negative traumatic image) three-times with strong emotion and expectation.

And it will.


We received feedback from hundreds of Speedlearning students who have (autodidactic-self-taught) improved their lives in a very serious manner by using this Merger mental strategy.

Would it help your competitive career position to reading-and-remember three books, articles and reports in time your peers can hardly finish one? Check out speed reading and make it your own.

Our work here is done – Tonto.

See ya,

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Author of Speedlearning For Professionals, published by Barron's; partner of Evelyn Wood creator of speed reading, graduating 2 million including the White House staffs of four U. S. Presidents.

Interviews by the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine for major articles.

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