Premonition and Prophecy


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Premonition or intuitive knowing refers to an experience when future events are foreseen. The phenomenon of premonition is characterized by sensations such as nervousness, anxiety, uneasiness, and a vague feeling of disquiet or unease which suggests an impending disaster. Visual or auditory information is also commonly reported in cases of premonition. The peculiar sensation seems to occur prior to disasters, accidents, deaths and other traumatic and emotionally energized events. Premonitions can also come in the form of dreams.

Premonitions seem to be sensory oriented, meaning that they are dominated by a sense of physical disquiet, anxiety, or stress that is without an easily discernible source or readily apparent reason. It is an unexplainable and somewhat indescribable feeling that something is about to happen.

Prophecy, in a broader sense is the prediction of future events. Prophecy is a general term for future events presented as the revelation of divine will. While premonitions deal with an apparent sensory foreknowledge of the future which seems to be generated internally, prophecy is the foretelling of future events by an external or divine force.

What is the ultimate significance of premonition and prophecy? Premonitions, more so than any other paranormal phenomena telling us that our notions of the nature of the universe are misguided. Premonitions are completely at odds with the present status of scientific thought. In essence premonition provides an effect before a cause

Under the rigid doctrine of scientific scrutiny such a scenario is ‘impossible’ and must not be true. Of course several ideas and objects that have been ‘impossible’ in the past have been later proven to exist. It was once ‘impossible’ that the earth should orbit the sun, or that the earth was not flat. Today physicists are discussing the probability of the existence of parallel universes, a subject once only the province of mystics and new age crack pots is now the topic of the best scientific minds.

Premonition and prophecy should not be casually dismissed by the scientific community regardless of the conundrums created by their very existence. The phenomenon of foreknowing poses a challenge to science that has not been met, but which promises a vastly greater understanding of the workings of the universe.

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