The Battle Against Subtle Enemies

Gary Zalben

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If you see yourself going to explore some unknown and wild jungle and are going to travel by ship, would you ever consider going without a lifeboat? In case of tragedy and the ship is sinking it does not matter what precautions are taken in the experiences of life, there is usually a leak somewhere in our lifeboat.

When you go into a jungle infested with wild animals you must take sensible care to defend yourself. But there are subtle and more difficult dangers to overcome in the battlefield of life and business. In the unseen jungle of life the struggle continues constantly.

To safely go through life’s jungle you must be equipped with all the suitable weapons. The man who is wise arms himself in opposition to the different types of warfare-against the cynic, against karma and destiny, against bad habits and against evil thoughts, will be victorious in the adventure of life. When you have realized you have been born human you can be fearful of everything with seemingly no means of escape even if all precautions are taken, there or somewhere there is always a misstep taken.

Do you realize that Japan is about the size of California, yet so fierce were their soldiers that they kept us at war for about four years. It is like California going to war with the rest of the United States. One nation was so powerful in its dedication, its courage, and the way they fought. This just reminds me of how weak we are. We have become a peaceful people in the wrong way and we are unwilling to fight. When my friend's friend fought in Salerno both of his knees were shot out, and seventy five percent of the people there were killed. His entire battalion was wiped out. He was asked what kind of a man survived there. He said, “Most of the guys who prayed, died. Only those who became living tigers and began to fight for survival made it. " The battlefield of life is no different. It is a ceaseless fight for victory between good and evil. The man who does not know how to protect himself from evil is soon disarmed or killed.

There is a lesson here; when you pray you pray and when you fight you fight. The wise person who is armed with all methods of warfare against illness, against the doubter, against all sinful thoughts, become the victor of this great escapade we call life. The tendency of some spiritual people is that everything can be accomplished with prayers. We are all babes in this jungle of life. But in reality, life is a battlefield, a colossal war at all levels. The Hindu calls it “Kurukshetra, " the battlefield of life. It is a ceaseless war of the mind versus the soul for divine supremacy. You and I have to leave this world with our victories and our failures and start all over again.

How does the allegorical battle between good and evil and what happened in Salerno apply in daily life? To be successful in life you have to learn how to conquer your bad habits and the lesson in Salerno gives you and idea of the attitude you need to have in life and business. When you pray you pray and when you fight you fight. That means when you fight you do not lose your focus. You are on the daily battlefield of life; do not let go of your concentration for a second. Then and only then can you be successful.

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