Every Day Above Ground Is A Good Day


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Whenever I greet Charlie I always get the same response. “So how are you today Charlie?", to which he replies, “Well, every day above ground is a good day!" Without even realizing it Charlie is practicing a fundamental principle of well being. It's often referred to as an “attitude of gratitude".

Whether you realize it or not we all create our own reality from our predominate thoughts. Your reality can either be pleasant or not so pleasant. If your thoughts are centered around not having what you want rather then having your setting yourself up for disappointment and ultimate failure.


It's a basic law of the universe that like attracts like. It can either work for you or against you. Charlie figures that being alive rather than being six feet under pushing daisies is definitely a good thing. He has a great appreciation for life that comes with age and he's grateful for every day he's still around to enjoy it.

Be grateful for where your at in your life right now. By doing so you begin to attract more of what's good about your life. Of course, you should always be continually striving to want more and desire greater things in life. That's what makes us distinctly human and drives us to advance ourselves. Just be deliberate in your intent and always have a strong sense of appreciation. Focus on and expect more of what's working and empowering in your life rather than what's wrong with it.

It took me a long time to truly understand why an “attitude of gratitude" was so important in helping me manifest the reality I desired. To the extent that you accept the present and develop a deep sense of appreciation for where your at right now you begin to raise your vibration and your level of well being. Only then are you able to move on to bigger and better things in your life.

To your prosperity,

Mike Manjin

Mike Manjin presents advice on self improvement and personal fullfillment. To learn more about powerful success principles please visit http://www.lifeprosper.com or for more information email him at mmanjin@lifealteringprinciples.com


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