The True Relationships of T.V. and Movies and... Power?


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So what is the difference between television and movies? And what does this have to do with a successful dating life or finding the woman you want?

With Relational Dynamics we look at the true and hidden relationships that exist and we can use them for either cognition and power, or for continued ignorance and disempowerment.

Though you may not understand the depth of what I'm going to say (because it's so deeply seeded), I hope you can start to get it.

I have always preferred movies over television because (over other preferred reasons) movies essentially gave me more control.

When you watch a movie, you are not interrupted by social ‘programming’ (which is EXACTLY what it is).

With a movie, you can pause, stop, rewind, get up and leave. YOU are usually in ‘control’ and have the power because you are choosing to watch (or rewatch) that movie.

The key word to look for here is ‘value’. If you're going to sit through a movie you want to get some ‘value’ out of it. If you don't, you won't watch it again. If you do, it could even end up influencing your life.

Ultimately, movies are by default MUCH closer to the type of relationship you want. That relationship is interdependence.

When you can get rid of all co-dependencies in your life, you will be incredibly powerful and influential. Your goal would be to only have win/win interdependent relationships with everyone and everyTHING. This is what the most powerful people do daily.

Now, when you compare movies to television. There is a world of a difference in the type of relationship that exists.

Television is essentially a stimulus-response type of relationship where movies are already more of an interdependent type of relationship with you. That differentiation is priceless.

In a stimulus-response type of relationship, there is one relational element that has the power (the stimulus) and one that has less power and control (the response).

Those that are the stimulus have the power to influence, warp, control and alter the behaviors of those who are the response.

Consider that all of television is by default the Stimulus under which countless millions of people are unknowingly the conditioned ‘response’. Well, this is exactly what's happening.

The system is set up for the people to think that it's them who really have the power. And when they're holding the remote control before they turn it on, they DO have the power.

Unfortunately when they turn on the television, they will instantly get sucked into the true relationship of being the ‘response’ to the stimuli that is set forth over which other people have created and control.

It's the greatest disempowering con ever.

So many people are essentially dependent on television and their ‘programming’. It's exactly how the architects in power want it.

So what can you do? Stop watching t. v. ? Well, I recommend to re-frame ALL of your relationships into pure interdependencies. When that remote control is in your hand, look for real VALUE and maintain that relationship by cutting off anything that isn't giving you equal value in exchange for your time.

If you have a favorite t. v. show, then reframe it so you are more powerful by muting the commercials and starting the show exactly at the time it starts and turning it off when it's over. Exchange your valuable time only for entertainment or educational value.

This means that most likely you'll have to cut down on a LOT of your t. v. watching.

With Relational Dynamics I teach you how to differentiate yourself from the umbilical-cord like relationship that you have with the social matrix itself.

You can only have true power by being independent and then interdependent with everything around you. Being programmed as a ‘response’ to those in power is not powerful, it's a waste of time and not to mention the main root of your inconsistent success with women because it's programming you with the wrong messages.

Live a powerful life instead of being ignorantly controlled and influenced by others.

Rion Williams is one of the foremost experts in dating advice, personal power and relational dynamics. He is well-known within the seduction community itself.

His work focuses on the regaining and improving of real character within frustrated men who do don't want to ‘act', use pick-up lines or techniques to get women.

He teaches modern men how to truly be natural and comfortable in their own skin to consistently succeed with women, attraction and dating. You can sign up for his free eZines and find out more information at


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