How to use wedding poems for newlyweds’ congratulation cards


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Do you know someone who’s recently been married and you’d like to send your congratulations? Are you looking for a possibility to jazz up the usual “we wish you all the best for your future” card? Wedding poems are a great way to customise newlyweds’ congratulation cards because there is such a big variety to choose from.

If you search the Internet for wedding poems or marriage poems you will find webpages that specialise in poetry and have extensive archives. Wedding poems are usually romantic or funny, while marriage poems can also be satirical. Keep in mind that there are some people who don’t like to be made fun of. Choose whatever you think suits the couple in question best. You should also consider the style of the poem: some people prefer classical poetry while others like modern poems. Some people like Shakespearean sonnets while others tend to prefer poems in free verse with a rather liberal structure. Moreover, the poems can differ from each other thematically: some poems for wedding focus on the wedding itself while others talk about the period of time after the wedding, the honeymoon or married life. This can also help you with your decision.

If you can’t find any wedding poem you particularly like, you can also adapt a poem by using other words or including the couple’s name. On the other hand you can also write a wedding poem yourself if you’re particularly keen on being creative. Writing poems isn’t too hard, especially when you think about modern poetry and free verse. Moreover, you are free to choose the exact words, length, metre, and rhyme scheme of the poem yourself. This way you can write a customised wedding poem which matches the couple perfectly and is fit for the occasion

When you’re looking for wedding poems to include in a wedding card you should keep in mind that the poem shouldn’t be too long. Remember that your space on the card is limited and that you might want to add a personal comment. Of course you can also choose only one stanza or a line of a poem that you liked instead of writing down the poem in its full length.

Whatever wedding or marriage poem you choose for your newlyweds’ congratulation card, you’re sure to stand out of the crowd of wedding cards that the couple receives!

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