Lovemaking Couples Spice Up Your Marriage With Secret Tips and Techniques!


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Lovemaking couples often use secret tips and techniques to spice up their love lives. Many of them are rediscovering the romance they lost when they succumbed to the rigors of married life, jobs, careers, children, home ownership, advanced education, illness or any number of other life situations and issues.

They achieved this after having just plain forgotten how to relate to each other sexually. Or, they simply became bored with sex, lost the spice in their relationships and found that they just plain had no interest. And, some are simply going through the motions but with no flavor, fun or enjoyment. They're “doing it" to please their partner but both are being deprived of passion and mutual enjoyment.

Are you and your spouse counted among these? If so, there's hope that you can regain the passion of lovemaking. Here are just a few lovemaking tips and techniques designed to help you reignite your intimacy and passion.

Lovemaking Tips & Techniques

  • Since lovemaking is both a biological and an emotional event for a married couple, both must become fully engaged and invested in making lovemaking as passionate as necessary to satisfy each other.

  • Empower your partner and yourself by arming yourselves with information on tips and secret techniques designed to increase the passion in your marriage.

  • Talk about what physical and emotional intimacy means to both of you. Take time to listen to each other and maintain attentiveness to each other's needs.

  • Solve and resolve life and couple issues as quickly as possible. If not, these tend to negatively impact intimacy and lovemaking.

  • Create a couple atmosphere of happiness, hope, love, and encouragement. Compliment each other often and refuse to allow jealousy or competitiveness to become a part of your relationship.

  • Continue your dating experience after marriage. Plan for it before you add children to your family and vigorously maintain it after they come.

  • Taking care of your relationship ensures that you will have enough love and energy to positively care for your growing family while banking love deposits for when the children are grown and gone and you're left alone with your spouse.

  • Craft a couple excursions schedule where you fete yourselves to very special intimacy and lovemaking opportunities that are out of the ordinary and include weekend getaways.

  • Maintain your love, respect, hope for and faith in your spouse.

  • When you don't feel like it, truthfully and gently let your amorous spouse know why lovemaking doesn't appeal to you at that moment. Keep the spark in tact by creating an understanding environment so that your spouse does not feel rejected or neglected.

  • Scout out and explore new lovemaking tips and games together and separately. Be sure however, that when you approach your spouse with something new that your spouse is comfortable with the new idea or request.

  • Make a conscious decision to unplug the television, computer, phone and doorbell for the benefit of creating an atmosphere of intimacy and romance at least once per week at home. Your spouse will be very happy to know you want to focus only on them.

    These and many other secrets work to help you keep your marriage intimate, sensuous, romantic, and passionate. You and your spouse will be the healthier and happier for it.

    Drive your spouse wild with the lovemaking secrets, tips and techniques you'll find in the Lovemaking Couples Series You'll have fun exploring the many erotic ways to arouse, excite and explode your spouse's *** energy like never before and add the spice to your lovemaking that you've always wanted.

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