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While there are many people who use photography dating, you only need to sit and look at a number of profiles and you will get surprised at the number of really bad profile photos. There are millions of people who believe that they know all the dos and don’ts of profile picture photography; nothing could be further from the truth. Regardless of whether people should, the truth is that people looking for mates in online dating sites will always make their judgments and choices based on the photograph that you post and for that reason, there are a few things that you need to avoid.

If you avoid using a qualified online Houston dating profile photographer you could easily end up with blurry pictures such as where your face is shaded. Unsaturated pictures or flash-induced demon eyes or pictures where your eyes appear closed are also the results of using DIY pictures. You also need to avoid pictures where you are wearing costumes; they may be funny to almost completely weird.

Any Vancouver dating profile photographer will tell you that there is no room for too many shots where you are wearing sunglasses; the only exception would be if you are trying to show off that you love the beach. However, you want to be reminded that you admirers will want to see your eyes. You also want to avoid having pictures with time and date stamps; no one would be interested in any pictures that are dated five or eight years earlier. Your professional Miami dating profile photographer will advise you against using any party photos such as where you look a little tipsy; people will easily conclude that if you can afford to look that way in your profile picture, chances are that you are a party animal.

The other completely no-go zone in photography dating is where you appear with a member of the opposite sex with no explanation whatsoever. If you must use such a picture, you should go on to use the text feature to give an explanation; you don’t want any viewer to start wondering who the mystery visitor in your picture is your profile picture should be about you and no more. This will also include pictures where you have clearly cut someone out or even photo-shopped their face out.

There are all chances that you have the highest quality digital camera or a cell phone with a high-quality camera, this is not an excuse for anyone to use self-portraits instead of contacting a New York City dating profile photographer. You must especially avoid pictures that are taken in your bathroom or inside your car because very few people are interested in knowing either. There is no room in photography dating for extreme close-ups, scrunchy face shots such as those taken with your tongue sticking out; hunting pictures of photographs of you holding any weapon will send a wrong message to potential suitors. Profile picture photography is an art that takes the time to develop and you cannot succeed otherwise.


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