How to Attract Rich Girls- Tips to Get a Woman With Money


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How cool would it be for you, an average guy, to be able to go out and meet a rich girl and know exactly what to say and do to make her want YOU?

Does that seem like it has to be a far fetched dream, or, do you think that you can make it happen?

Up until a few years ago, I never really made that much money. I was a $ 10 an hour kind of guy, and yet, I dated quite a few girls that came from a lot more money than I did. My friends always used to get quite a shock when I would roll up in a BMW or a Mercedes that was not mine, but belonged to a girl I was dating.

And I have to admit, I got quite a thrill out of this as well.

Now, the point of this is not too brag about who I was dating, it's to illustrate a point that most guys miss out on. You don't have to be a rich guy to attract a rich girl. Many times, it's actually kind of easier if you are not a rich guy, because that is what they are used to.

Being able to stand out is key to making a woman feel attracted to you, and if she is a rich girl, and you are just an average guy. . . you are going to stand out.

The thing is, you have to stand out in a POSITIVE way.

Here's how to attract and date a rich girl even if you are just an average guy:

1. Don't allow your lack of money to make you feel inferior to her.

If you let the fact that she has more money than you do to make you feel bad, then it's not going to make her want you. She needs to see that you are confident, and that you won't allow the lack of money to make you feel as though she is out of your reach.

2. Make yourself seem like the prize by being off limits to her.

One thing that rich, gorgeous girls are not used to, is having a guy come across as being off limits to her. She's used to getting her way, getting what she wants, and being able to have almost any guy that she sets her eyes on. If you can convince her that you are off limits to her, you become the ever tempting piece of forbidden fruit that will make her mouth water.

3. Keep yourself looking as good as you can.

Appearances are not everything, but you still don't want to come off looking like some kind of a slob, especially when she is used to the “finer" things in life. Get yourself a couple of top of the line outfits, and make sure that you stay well groomed.

Want to get more advanced tips on how to attract rich girls even if you are an “average" guy?

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